WHY I said Bye-Bye to Etsy



The time has come to post my very first article here on my Blog.

After the past intense weeks, where I have been restructuring, reorganizing, reshaping, revamping my entire business, it is now time to make a new move - to do my very first article here on my «Veronica's Blog».


As Etsy has been a very important part of my entrepreneurial journey and has been - in the past weeks - part of my BIG revamping project, I have decided to dedicate my very first article here on my Blot to WHY, I said Bye bye to Etsy a couple of weeks ago.


This to give you dear reader some insights that might help you to decide whether to open an Etsy-Shop, to continue with your Etsy-Shop.

Here an overview of the most important reasons WHY I said Bye-bye to Etsy:



I have been on Etsy almost for 2 years. In those 2 years I have made only 8 sales with my Etsy-Shop.

AND: All of them happened through Facebook. Meaning the sales happened because of my posts on my Facebook account and the customers were ladies I have had specifically contact through FB-Messenger. Etsy and my Etsy-Shop were only there to close the deals.



I have been working on my Etsy-Shop for almost 2 years. I attended an E-commerce coaching program, I searched and tried to understand the whole issue with the keywords, I asked for help, I have spent totally over 10'000 hours with working/reshaping/reinventing my Etsy-Shop, but, but I was not able to understand HOW to a) increase my views and by that HOW b) make any sales.



After 2 years of trying and MANY attempts, I figured out this summer 2017, that all those thousands of hour I had invested in Etsy, where actually nothing else, but to help me to learn HOW to create and manage my OWN online-shop. That with every single moment, that I worked my butt off but no money came in, I learned then WHAT exactly I truly wanted with my items, with my paintings, etc. So this year I decided that I had learned enough and that all those future thousands of hours invested in Etsy, would be better invested in my OWN shop on my OWN homepage with my OWN name. Ha!


#4 ETSY FEES FOR SALES - that had not happened through Etsy

When I finally made this year my very first international sales [with Etsy], which all happened through Facebook, I realized that the way I was doing business would not lead to any direct sales through Etsy. Cause I found out, that I need/love the direct contact with my customers, with my future customers. But for that I would not need an Etsy-Shop, that generates fees after fees, as soon as you make some money with your listings. And for not having direct sales through Etsy, those fees were/are way too much.



Every time I was uploading a new item and had to do some adjustments afterwards, Etsy charged me for the adjustment. You know how the creative process is, you have always something to adjust, especially in the beginning of your entrepreneur journey, where not every single word you write is THE ultimate word. So you need to readjust.

Furthermore, I was growing soo intense and soo quickly in the past months, that I had to adjust not only a couple of things in my business, but also a couple of times my listings. And so, sometimes right after I had adjusted/listed my items, I had again some major adjustments to do. And if you start on one spot, you need to adjust all of your listings, that needed to be worked on. BUT the thing of always having to pay for adjusting just started to SUCK.



With Etsy's Standard Design I was not able to give to my paintings the special stage each of every single painting is demanding. Especially the Energy Paintings, which are born very intense, very deep, demanded a very high level of presentation - their value was not truly able to be shown with the Etsy Standard Shop Design/possibilities - or I was just unable to show the value and depths of my work, of my paintings with the structure Etsy provides. NOW with my own Online-Shop on my own homepage I am able to create for every single edition an own site and allow that each and every single painting blossoms in its own beauty and space.



The more I observed, studied, worked, read and moved in the Etsy World and its Community I saw that their mindset, their philosophy is not my mindset, not my philosophy. I was missing elegance in mindset, attitude, price setting and customer care. It's actually with Etsy - and later with my Money Coach Denise Duffield-Thomas @ the Money Bootcamp - that I finally understood the philosophy my business was trying to teach me: I am free or exclusive. And with that calling, I was not seeing myself anymore @ Etsy.




I will also - in one of my next articles - write what I LOVED about Etsy resp. what I LEARNED with Etsy.


This will give you dear reader an additional insights, that might help you - if you are interested in opening your own Etsy Shop or if you have already one, but you do not see [yet] the results you desire - to gain more clarity about your next steps with your own Shop.


In the meantime, I thank you for having read this article.

And if you liked it, thank you for sharing it and for leaving your comment.


Love & blessings from Zürich,



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