PAINTING OF THE DAY | «The Forest in the Sun»

 E N E R G Y . H E A R T .

O R I G I N A L . P A I N T I N G .

«Forest of the Sun»

Nr. 16 | 01.2015

Canvas 10 x 10 cm





W.H.A.T. a day.


What the heck is going on out there?!

I absolutely need to restart to paint the energy again on a weekly base – cause this NOT seeing what is going on, drives me almost crazy, especially in the past days.



So, after an INTENSE nerve-racking day, where I felt inspired to invent the term of «Soul’s Jetlag», I am now ready to speak and show today’s painting and its messages.


Well, today's painting speaks of «SEEING AND HAVING THE SUN IN THE DARK FOREST».


Well, actually the exact title of this beauty is «Forest in the Sun» ;-)


You know those magical, early moments in the forest – especially in autumn - where everything is still very calm, sleepy and where the light is almost there but not yet completely, and SUDDENLY the sun rises and EVERYTHING is bathed in golden light?


Well, THAT exact moment, is what this mini painting represents.


You have survived the dark night, you have been away in your dreams for soo long, and are now slowly coming into awakening, but still feeling not really like wanting to wake up yet and then SUDDENLY the sun shows up and you COMPLETELY awaken into the new day, into your new life, into the life you have SOO long dreaming and longing for.


Even though there is no eclipse anymore, these days are still quite challenging.

BUT there is this IMMENSE change, this HUGE thing I am talking about since this March 2017 and that IS coming.

We ALL almost can already taste it, even though is NOT YET visible, but EVERY fiber of our being KNOWS it's there.


And so it does not surprises me, that exactly this little beauty wanted to be shared with you today [check pictures down below]. So in order to give your poor nerves - that have been challenged lately [again] a lot - here a gift from my side:



M Y . G I F T . F O R . Y O U .


#1 Make yourself COMFORTABLE

and take a deep look at the painting

#2 IMMERSE yourself into the colors

and the golden drops

#3 and ENJOY the energy and the messages that are painted in every single drop and layer


#4 and SAVOUR the knowing, the certinity

that sunrise IS coming. 


#5 Please share your experience with this exercise in the comment section - Thank you  



Love & blessings from Zürich,




F E L T . I N . L O V E . W I T H . T H E . P A I N T I N G ?

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