PAINTING OF THE DAY | «Caribbean Beach»

 E N E R G Y . H E A R T .

O R I G I N A L . P A I N T I N G .

«Caribbean Beach»

Born Feb. 2015

Canvas 7,4 x 10,5 cm


Dear ones


Today’s painting is called «Caribbean Beach» and it speaks of long walks on the warm beach, of warm and kind people, of a sorrow free life.


After having battled so much in the past weeks and months, now slowly a more gentle, a more peaceful energy is coming into our lives.


We do not yet see it yet, but our lives is starting to shift in a completely new direction – in one of the directions that our heart and soul has been longing for so long.


It’s yet not visible, but it is there. 


And this painting is here to remind us, that yes, change IS here.


Our dreams ARE here.

Our dreams ARE possible.

Our dreams CAN be lived.

Our dreams ARE now lived.


We only can live and have a more peaceful and a worry-free life, if we have gained within ourselves peace, if we have let go of sorrow within ourselves.


But for that we first need to go through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. that is causing struggles, fear, uneasiness, stress and sorrows, right?


We need to FEEL what is causing us to struggles and sorrows in order to activate within ourselves our personal guiding system - our connection to Source - and to activate what we REALLY want.


So the past weeks – even though for so many of us almost unbearable – have been actually nothing else as a blessing, sent by Heaven, to move us more quicker in the direction of the longings of our soul.


Yes, I know, what you mean.



Those horrible weeks and months?



Well, yes, my dear.


Cause NOW you are so much more clear about WHAT was still stuck in your pipelines, right?

Cause NOW you are so much more clear about WHAT your fears are, right?

Cause NOW you are so much more aware of your inner hell.


Cause NOW you were able to redirect your Inner World in the direction of your Inner Guidance, of your heart and soul's truthful desires, right?


Therefore today’s gift to you, is this painting and its energy of «Caribbean Beach».



M Y . G I F T . F O R . Y O U .


#1 Make yourself COMFORTABLE + and take a deep look at the painting.

#2 IMMERSE yourself into the vivid colors + 
and the different layers and valleys within it.

#3 ENJOY the energy and the messages that are vibrating in every single drop and layer.


#4 SAVOUR the warmth, peacefulness + the knowing that it’s now here – your new life.


#5 OBSERVE your inner pictures, your body’s reaction and your breathe – What do you see? What do you feel? How does your body react?

#6 SHARE your experience with this exercise in the comment section - Thank you  

Love & blessings from Zürich,




F E L T . I N . L O V E . W I T H . T H E . P A I N T I N G ?

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