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S O M E . P E R S O N A L . I N S I G H T S .

F R O M . M Y . E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L . J O U R N E Y .

«No More Hiding»

Dear beautiful Souls 


One of the BIG LEARNINGS of the past, very intense, very challenging weeks, months, first years of my entrepreneurial journey and especially of the past weeks, where the energy brought actually EVERYTHING up, that is NOT serving us anymore, is:


No more hiding.


And therefore, I DECIDED to stop hiding.

And therefore, I DECIDED to show all of my art work, that I have created in the past years, especially in the past 3 years of this one of a kind journey, that my soul has set me in 2014.


And holy guacamole, what 3 years they were that soul’s awakening journey of mine.


Especially in these past unsettling weeks, I understood, that somehow I had the believe, that I only could openly show and sell my art if I had some kind of degrees that would give me the «permission» to be an artist.


So I was hiding.

So I was only showing a little bit of myself and of my creations.




I realized, that my belief that I was not a legit artist - PAAAH!! As if the expression of a soul needs some degrees to be legit! Pfff. - caused me to live and experience a life of worthlessness and scarcity and A LOT of stress!


Those of you, who have been following my journey - especially this year – know what I am talking about.


In these past weeks, I realized, that I was sitting here like Smaug the Dragon on my jewels, but not seeing/understanding the value of my work and art of the past 3 years.


And meanwhile I was feeling worthless, feeling stressed, feeling poor.




Therefore: No more hiding.


And therefore, from now on I will post regularly - not only my latest, weekly created paintings - but also those hidden treasures, that I now finally dare to show to the world.


Therefore: Be prepared beautiful soul!


From now on, you will experience here explosions of colors!


Cause that is who I am.

Cause that is what I see.

Cause that is what I sense.

Cause that is what I feel.

Cause that is HOW I live.


Cause that is HOW I experience life.


All. The. Time.


And therefore, that’s is what I am painting, expressing, showing, MAKING VISIBLE.


So that you see, what I see.

So that you sense, what I sense.

So that you feel, what I feel.


So that you get an idea, how life could also be.




Therefore, in order to support you along your personal journey through life, your personal journey to yourself, here my gift to you:




M Y . G I F T . F O R . Y O U .


#1 Make yourself COMFORTABLE + take a deep look at the painting

#2 IMMERSE yourself into the explosion of this painting, with its opulent colors + layers

#3 BREATH the energy + the messages that are vibrating in every single drop + layer within yourself


#4 SAVOUR the intensity, the opulence, the vibrancy, savour the energy of life itself


#5 OBSERVE your inner pictures, your body’s reaction + your breathe – What do you see? What do you feel? How does your body react?

#6 Please share your experience and your thoughts with this exercise and painting in the comment section - Thank you  

Love & blessings from Zürich



F E L T . I N . L O V E . W I T H . T H E . P A I N T I N G ?

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