E N E R G Y . S T O R M .

O R I G I N A L . P A I N T I N G .


Born 2014

Canvas 10 x 10 cm


Beautiful souls


Today’s painting is called «Reconnect» and speaks of the reconnecting process that we all need to go through again and again.


Especially after an intense period of releasing and healing - like in the past weeks and months - it is an absolutely crucial part of the transformation process. It is that part of the process that brings us sustainability.


Now, why writing about this?

Haven't we been through so much lately, that we actually should be thriving?

Haven't we been healing a bunch of VERY old stories within our pipelines?

Haven't we been transforming a HUGE part of our Soul’s landscape?


And therefore: Shouldn't we just feel SOO happy and juicy? 

NOW life should be SOO much easier, right?

NOW life should be SOO much flow, right?





And nope.

Actually both.


It can actually be, that we might feel – especially today – disoriented, without power and with a weird kind of being disinterested in life itself, in being alive.


Well, let me assure you:

You are doing absolutely fine.

And there is nothing wrong with you.


Cause after sooo much releasing, soo much transformation, soo much inner work, we have to give ourselves and our entire system time to readjust into all this. We need to give ourselves the time, to bring all the new and old wires together - and by that to create in ALL level of our being a completely new "us".


All those old, not anymore existing wires within ourselves need to be replaced, need to find new connections within yourself – actually within your entire system: body, brain, feelings, inner AND outer world.


And this needs time. And some energy. And some patience.


There are 3 things that you can do, in order to support this process:


#1 Understand that it is part of the journey.

#2 Give your new, reborn system new food – start doing vision boards. With them you are not only making visible, what you desire for your new life [that has started now], but they also help you, in times of disorientation [like today for example] to redirect your wandering, somehow lost thoughts to a specific direction – to that what you desire, made visible on your personal vision board.

#3 Be gentle with yourself and slow a little bit down. You and your system NEED time to readjust. So help yourself along your own journey. It can even be, that along this readjustment, reconnecting process, even more releasing and healing processes might come up.


Now if you look at the painting, do you see how all those «color-cells» are looking to connect with each other?

Life itself is trying to reconnect within yourself, dear one.  It’s actually a healing process.


Very distant memories, wishes, dreams and parts of your soul that have been for very, very long buried into the most deepest corners of your soul, have finally been able to come to the surface of your consciousness. 


Honor it.


NOW those new born parts of you, are in the process to be reconnected with you, with your current life, with your entire system.


Allow it.


But this process might be felt a bit overwhelming.

You might feel perhaps a bit sick.


Be gentle to yourself.


In order to help you along this specific part of your personal journey, here a gift for you:



M Y . G I F T . F O R . Y O U .


#1 Make yourself COMFORTABLE + and take a deep look at the painting.

#2 IMMERSE yourself into the different layers and valleys within it.

#3 LISTEN to the energy and the messages that are vibrating in every single drop and layer.


#4 OBSERVE yourselves along this exercise. – What do you see? What do you feel? How does your body react?


#5 SHARE your experience with this exercise in the comment section - Thank you 


Love & blessings from Zürich,





F E L T . I N . L O V E . W I T H . T H E . P A I N T I N G ?

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