After being away from Social Media for more than two years - including any active interaction with the so called Outer World - this video represents my actual come back 🤗 💖💪🏻


I .  A M .  B A C K .



After being in 2017 VERY active on Social Media - with posting almost every day, being constantly in exchange with the Outer World, spending almost half of the day on Facebook and Instagram (cause that's how you make business, posting all the time, and in search of constant possible clients. Pff. Go out there - they say. Make yourself visible, they say. You need to SELL yourself - they say. What a BIG SH****)


And so, after following that sh*** strategy for some months, in autumn in 2017 my balance crashed. In October 2017 I got very sick. I felt like those birds that had been engulfed by an oil catastrophe and were covered in disgusting, life sucking petroleum. And I not only felt that way, I actually was. All those people, all those opinions, all those energies - Social Media is SOO LOUD and SUCH A MESSY place to be for a clarity needing person. 


And so, I withdraw completely. 


I withdraw, because I needed to take care of myself.

I withdraw, because I needed to take care of my actual life - and not of the vision, that was calling me since 2014.



I withdraw, because I needed space to feel, sense and hear myself again.

I withdraw, because I needed to be with ME - and not with the world.


I withdraw, because I needed to declutter my life - literally.

I withdraw, because I needed to make actual space - within me and within my earthly life - for the vision that was soo loud and demanding.


I withdraw, because the so called strategies the Outer World were positioning as "effective" and "right" were killing me - on a personal level, on a business level, on a health level, on a financial level, on a spiritual level... actually on every damn level!!! 😤 PLUS I wasn't even a cm closer to bring my vision into this world - on the contrary


And so, I withdraw.


And today, the 26th of December 2019 I am officially back.


And now I am doing things my way 😊


So, this is my very first video on my new YouTube Channel. And it's my way to reach out the Outer World and wishing you all Relaxing Merry Christmas - may you have tranquil, relaxing and enjoyable Festive Days (and life as well 😉)


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Voilà 😊


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Take care & looking forward to connect with you in the comment section - and in my next video ✨🤗❤️✨



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