TAKE A BREAK | A Cloudy Winter Afternoon

🕞 It's time for a break 🌳 Grab your warm jacket and join me on my balcony for a little afternoon break ☕️ - and enjoy with me this unique winter afternoon 🌤 full of nature sounds, the relaxing sound of church bells, the far away hard-working wood saw plus a busy and quite loud freight train.


P A U S E .

👑 The best visual and auditory topics of this «Take A Break» video are

- the church bells announcing another hour

- a busy forest ranger and his wood saw entertaining us in the background

- some kids having fun outside

- happy chirping birds enjoying the winter afternoon

- an amazing and colorful winter sky

- an passing by airplane, which evokes a longing for far far away cultures

- the Swiss S-Bahn with many, many wagons full of commuters

- and a quite loud but interesting freight train.


🤗 The best way to enjoy and actually get the full benefits from this video is

- to sit comfortably

- if possible put on your headphones

- and to allow yourself to just be with the ASMR quality of the video 



By the way: If you like this kind of video, you'll find an ongrowing playlist with «Take A Break» videos - all created to help you to unwind from the busy, hectic streams in your life and plug into a more calm, tranquil state of being 😘 


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Voilà 😊


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Enjoy the video & looking forward to connect with you in the comment section - and in my next video ✨🤗❤️✨



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