ORCHID TOUR | Blooming Orchids Sept. - Nov. 2019


🎉 Turn the volume up and come with me on this orchid house tour and enjoy with me the beauty of my blooming orchids - while having some beautiful dance music in the background - yes, dancing is allowed 🤗😘😊


E N J O Y .

The autumn (and winter) months are - regarding my orchid collection - always the best time of the year here in my home as many, many of my orchids are blooming. And so in this video I will share with you the best of my blooming orchids of last September til November 2019 ✨🌺😍


I started collecting orchids almost 20 years ago and even though I have always taken some pictures, it's only since last December - since I actually started my own YouTube channel - that I feel the urge to actually share with you all the beauty that surrounds us here at home every autumn/winter 🤗 


And so I decided to capture the beauty of these gorgeous plants and to start a new series on my YouTube channel «My Orchid & House Plant Collection». In here I'll take you regularly through my 150+ orchids and plants, showing you the beauty of these marvelous wonders of nature - and hopefully I can inspire you to also start surrounding yourself with orchids and plants at your home. Besides of the beauty and joy they give (me) every single day and taking care of them is a wonderful way for me to channel all that immense love I have within me, scientists have also found out, that house plants actually help with anxiety - they reduce very quickly and very impressively the stress levels in humans 🌺🤓🌿


Voilà 🤗 


🌺  I mixed the video and photo material for this video with some beautiful (dance) music - so turn the volume up and ENJOY  🎉🎧🎹👣👑


By the way: If you like orchids and plants, you definitely should watch my Birthday Orchid Shopping Haul 😘😁🤗


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Voilà 😊


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Enjoy the video & looking forward to connect with you in the comment section - and in my next video ✨🤗❤️✨


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