I'm Veronica 🙋🏻


 A vivid Human Being.

Devoted Inner Explorer & Artist.

And Founder of the online self-exploration school

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self.


Traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do. 

I am soo fascinated, almost obsessed (and sometimes 😩😭😱😤) by human behaviour

that I am constantly observing, researching and analyzing

the different structures and mechanisms we humans choose -

and therefore, from time to time chilling and really doing nothing is sooo fundamental.


So, in this video, you and I are going to enjoy a wonderful warm summer evening -

and just chilling together for good two hours.


Two hours of a spectacular summer sunset with the heartwarming sounds of crickets and chirping birds

- aah, that sounds like paradise actually! 🌅 



As this is an ASMR video 🎙, I highly recommend to put your headphones on 🤗

And choose a comfy place to be. If possible lay down, so that your body can fully relax.

And in the meantime, may you enjoy the sounds of nature in full summer


By the way, this video was born while me lying in bed with a tremendous flu/bronchitis and sooo suffering with the freaking cold and foggy winter weather here in Switzerland. I mean, who the heck invented winter anyways?! 😫. 


And because the struggle was really real here 🤒😷😪 - I was feverish, coughing like an old car and sweating like a teabag 🤒😷💦 - and no button was to be found in my home that would actually make disappear all of my misery (flu AND unfriendly season), I took matters into my own hands and brought summer into my home - by creating this wonderful summer evening video which immediately catapulted me into SUCH A BETTER state of being. The absolutely fantastic sunset 🌅 - to be exact, it was the evening of July 2019 - with those wonderful crickets and chirping birds.... aaaah, my, do I long for the warmer season of the year! 🌞🌳🌺


With this new video my misery was indeed reduced to a more manageable level - and oh my, did I sleep deep and sound the next days. And may you also have a wonderful relaxing siesta!


Enjoy two hours of a spectacular summer sunset

with the heartwarming sounds of crickets and chirping birds 🌅 




The best way to enjoy and actually get the full benefits from this video is

° to sit comfortably

° if possible put on your headphones


° and to allow yourself to just be with the ASMR quality of the video 


And yes,

° having a happy face

° feeling relaxed

° dreaming away and/or

° falling asleep

are the side effects



You're absolutely one of kind. There is no other like you in the entire Universe.

So your uniqueness NEEDS absolutely nurturing self-care.

Especially in this physical realm where the world is gone sooooo loud.

Stillness is a MUST to keep your system balanced and healthy.


So implementing a regular (power) nap or siesta into your day

is a wonderful nourishing way to take care of yourself.


I usually end falling asleep at the end of my Transcendental Meditation in the late afternoon/evening.

But this works fine for me as I am a night owl - and that special deep relaxation moment in the evening

gives me the clarity boost to have a very high quality and also very often very productive end of the day



Yet depending on what kind of life you have, you might want to do your siesta after lunch

or in the early afternoon - so that you'll be able to sleep at night 😘




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