I'm Veronica 🙋🏻


 A vivid human being.

Devoted Inner Explorer & Artist.

And Founder of the online self-development school

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self.


Traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do -

so taking care and nourishing myself has definitely become a non-negotiable part of my life.


As I am fascinated by the human behaviour

I am constantly observing, researching and analyzing

the different structures and mechanisms we humans choose. -


As some of the human behaviour are sometimes 😩😭😱😤

in order to keep my sanity and continue the work I do,

taking truly good care of myself is fundamental.

It's like the secret ingredient of my Life 😊


So, in today's Blog Post I am taking you for the first time on one of my nurturing breaks.

Little moments through out my day that help me feel nourished, connected and grounded.

Little moments that easy to implement, cost nothing and are suuch a blessing.


Put on your warm jacket and enjoy with me this beautiful, magical and very cold winter evening

here in Switzerland. We surely do not take enough breaks to just be. But in order to be able

to have access to our Inner World we actually do need to find that moment

throughout our day that allows us to listen, to feel -

and to reconnect with who we really are.


The best way to enjoy and actually get the full benefits from this video is

° to sit comfortably

° if possible put on your headphones


° and to allow yourself to just be with the ASMR quality of the video 


May you enjoy the gorgeous colors of this cold winter nature landscape -

and may you inspired to implement a little break

now and then into your everyday life.




You're precious. And without you, there is a gap.

No one can replace you. You're truly one of a kind.

So taking care of yourself, is of non-negotiable.


It's like THE job.

Like the ONLY job.

That truly matters.


And from THERE you then serve the world.

And from THERE you then care for others.

And from THERE you then are a blessing.


Yes, I know. Depending on your life(style) it might be not sooo easy.

And yet, I want to inspire you, to take liiiiittle breaks through out the day.


This is a beautiful, easy and very costfriendly way of not only becoming more stable

and resilient but to actually increase your awareness and therefore aliveness.





This Blog Post was last updated on Sunday, 14.11.2021.


LONGING TO reconnect with who you really are?


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