TAKE A BREAK | A Pastel Colored Winter Evening

Put on your warm jacket and enjoy with me this beautiful, magical and very cold winter evening here in Switzerland. We surely do not take enough breaks to just be. But in order to be able to have access to our Inner World we actually do need to find that spot that allows us to hear, to feel.

P A U S E .

And so I created this «Take A Break» series in order to help us to find that moment to pause - and to become aware of what is. Therefore you will find here on my blog regularly «Take A Break» videos - from ca. 7 min. to 2 h length - so that you have, depending on your specific current life situation, the right video to unwind and relax.


The best way to enjoy and actually get the full benefits from this video is

- to sit comfortably

- if possible put on your headphones

- and to allow yourself to just be with the ASMR quality of the video



INFO: You have a variety of «Take A Break» videos to choose here. 


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Voilà 😊


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