ORCHID TOUR | Blooming Orchids Dec. 2019 - Part 1


🌺 Turn the volume up and come with me on my orchid house tour #2 and dive into the gorgeousness of my blooming orchids of December 2019 while enjoying some beautiful and relaxing music  🤗😘😊


E N J O Y .


Well, I sure am in love with orchids - I mean, I have currently around 75+ orchids, Phalaenopsis are my grande love - and oh boy, when they bloom I could spend my entire day just staring at their beauty 😍 Psst: Making Orchid Tour videos has made it even worse 😅😂 


In the past two, three years December is usually the month where most of my orchids bloom. Therefore the Orchid Tour for the month December 2019 is created in two parts - there are just too many blooming moments to catch 😍 


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🤗 Enjoy the beauty caught in this video and let me know in the comments

- Do you also have orchids?

- Which are your favorite?

- And which colors make you happiest? I LOOOOVE purple! 😍


🌺  Ah, I mixed the video and photo material for this video with some beautiful relaxing music - so turn the volume up and ENJOY AND RELAX  🎉🎧🎹👣👑


Voilà 😊


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So my dear, see you in my next blog post.


And in the meantime, 

love & blessings ✨🤗❤️✨





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