🚗  Join me and mr. boyfriend, while we are driving back home from our trip to the Luzerner Hinterland here in Switzerland (where we spend an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. with driving a racing car 🏎💨😍 - so subscribe to follow the journey) - and where we were followed by a breathtaking sunset  🌇😍🚗


E N J O Y .


In this video I'll take you with us on a short part of our SPECTACULAR Saturday we had in February 2020.


And because I am soooo tired right now - and it's 2.42 h here in Zürich - let's call it a day 😅


Ah, and because THAT specific Saturday was SOO spectacular, this Vlog is going to be Part 1 of I think 3 🤗


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And now: Enjoy the sunset 😍




Voilà 😊


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So my dear, see you in my next blog post.


And in the meantime, 

good night (pssst, it's 2.37 here in Zürich 💤)




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