I'm Veronica¬†ūüôčūüŹĽ


A lively Human Being, devoted Inner Explorer & Artist and Founder of

Free-School for Inner Exploration & E-School for Recovering & Expressing the Inner Self.


Traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do.

I am fascinated (and sometimes¬†ūüė©ūüė≠ūüėĪūüė§) by the human behaviour

and I am constantly observing, researching and analyzing

the different structures and mechanisms we humans choose.


Then, I connect to higher consciousness and I use art in order to make those Inner Landscapes visible.

So that I - and you, if you're interested - can actually LOOK at those structures

and learn more about those Inner Mechanisms that shape our human experience.


Cause heck, if we want to be fully alive (which is the natural state of being),

we need to look at WHAT ARE THE CAUSES why we are not fully alive.


What are the mechanisms that are hindering our stream of Life to flow?

What are the structures that keep us restrained instead of blossoming?

What are the inner topographycal inprints that keep us from expanding?


And here, narcissism and vanity immediately pop up.


In this "being-alive-or-not-journey" the narcissistic AND the vain structures

and mechanisms are one of THE most important topics.


Actually I would even state, that if we would only work on those both yak-topics,

our aliveness would increase by 80%.

And the shit in this world would decrease immensely.


Cause heck, those two buggers are REALLY against Life.

Like really, really, reeeeally against Life.



So as the pandemic was unfolding last in year in 2020,

a new phenomenon emerged: lockdowns.

And a new environment arised, which in return created

a new observation and research field for many structures.


And that was what I did:  

I observed the world.

I observed the people.

I observed the structures -

and their mechanism.


And within all that, one specific group of personality structures caught my interest.



In lockdown.


And so, in here I share with you an extract of what I observed during 2020 - and still do to this day.

So. Let's dive into the material and get a taste of how a narcissist handles (or not) lockdowns.





¬ęPoor, poor narcissists.


Lockdowns haven't been easy for them.


Actually, lockdowns have been - and still are - hell for them.


The world stages are frozen.

The virus sends the world back to its core.

And the narcissist HATES the core.

A narcissist DESPISES the truth.


Facades are crumbling.

People are forced to go inward -

and to leave the outward stage.


The narcissist DETESTS the inward 

- his entire existence is a show,

BECAUSE he hates the inward.

Specifically, HIS inward.


Oh my, does the narcissist HATE his inward!


And now, all of a sudden, what they have been trying

to avoid for yeeeeeeeears is now inescapably.



Like BAMM.

There is truly NO escape.


Oh oh, does the narcissist HATE not having escape possibilities.

His entire life experience consists of always being on the run.



Cause he is special.

Cause he is superior.

Cause he is DEFINITELY not like the mass.

NO WAY is he like the rest of the world.

He is REALLY special.

He thinks.


And therefore he has adventures to experience.

And therefore he wants to climb to best latter in the best company.

And therefore he needs to be quicker than the others.

And therefore he is constantly in the fighting-conquering-(trying-to-)impressing-mode.


And that is why it walks over corpses.


But actually he is constantly running away.

From himself.

From the truth.

From what really is.


Yet now, with the pandemic the facades are crumbling.

"Suddenly" the veil is lifted everywhere.

Grandeur resp. delusions of grandeur are forced up to the surface.

Respective the stages where the delusions were performed

have been shut down.


No shows.

No meetings.

No people around.


Now, it's all about Life.


Whole nations are going in panic because one virus appeared.

And smashed entire populations into their knees to look at what really matters.




Yet the narcissist DESPICES Life. 

He has put himself ABOVE Life.


And yet. The world invites us all to slow down,

to refocus our priorities to what really matters.

People are confronted with the fact that their world is truly crumbling.

Even though soooooo many hope and waaaaaait, that everything goes back to "normal".


Normality is gone.

Ripped away.

The entire world is thrown back

to the essentiality of what (human) Life really is.


Narcissists LOOK DOWN to Life -

and its human essentiality.


The body.

And its needs.

And its health.

As the foundation of our human existence.

And its truest of all truths -

its mortality.


A narcissist is MORE than just this mere human existence.

He is special.

He is one of a kind.

He thinks.


Humans all over the world are confronted with questions like

- Why am I here?

- What is the purpose of my existence?

- How do I want to live?

- How do I want to work?

- How do I want die?

- Who am I actually?


There aren't any distractions anymore to flee to.


Shopping centers are closed.

Restaurants are closed.

Cinemas are closed.

Museums are closed.

Parks are closed.

Airports are closed.


All those outer platforms that we were using to flee our mediocre existences are closed.


Social distancing forces people to actually live REAL connections.

Social distancing forces people to NOT misuse "friends" and social life for distracting themselves.

Social distancing strips off ALL the facades that we have been using in order to avoid ourselves.


That's poison for narcissists.


Cause who is a narcissist without ALL that?

Without all the distractions?

Without the never ending rush through the everyday life?

Without all the different stages they (mis)use for their delusions of grandeur?

Without all the people they (mis)use as live sources for their empty lives?


No one?


Or shall I ask:

What is a narcissist?


Our Inner Landscapes shape how we navigate through Life.

Depending in which topographical spot of our Inner World we're currently based,

THAT spot is what shapes our experience in the Outer World.


Now, are narcissists structures suckers? Yes.

Are narcissists a pain in the ass? Hell yes!

(Like OMG, sooo much of a YEEEES!)


And yet, for some reason those structures and mechanisms have appeared in our lives

(and if not, BIG congratulations in NOT having had such shitty experience!) -

and therefore have something to do with us.


And so the work I do (and offer) is:
1. To truly look at those yak structures and mechanisms.

2. To assign them where they truly belong.

3. And then, to walk a new and more freer path.




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