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A lively human being, devoted Inner Explorer & Artist and

Founder of Free-School for Inner Exploration & E-School for Recovering & Expressing the Inner Self.


I travel, research and charter the Inner World.

And I use art to make the Inner Landscapes visible and to connect to higher consciousness,

so that I and you can explore the Inner World and recover and express those lost pieces within ourselves

- and, come alive again.


There are thousands upon thousands of micro to macro moments

that at some point in our lives, have hindered us to be ourselves.


Parents. Family members. Lovers.

Teachers. Neighbors. Friends.

Work colleagues. Bosses. Authorities.

Institutions. Laws. Health.



The list is endless.


Something happened. Something was said. Something was done.

We saw something. We heard something. We experienced something.


And BAMM, we became a stiffened carrot.

In THAT specific moment something in us hardened.

In THAT specific moment, in THAT specific area, the Life within us stopped to flow.


Now in order to unstiffen ourselves - and to revive that area again -

we need to get to that specific moment and RECOVER it.


And so, today I'm sharing with you some insights of what I found

when I studied the structures and mechanisms of a vain couple.


Vanity is a sickness that when it appears it eats Life away.

Vanity is the madness of the modern society.

Vanity is the willingly act of humans to betray their own truth -

their Inner Self.


Or to quote Alfred Adler:


The vain man walks along without an understanding of the human context, without a relationship with life; he forgets what life demands of him and what he as a human being would have to give. Vanity, more than any other vice, is capable of preventing man from any free development, because he always thinks of whether in the end there will be an advantage for him.



And so, vanity is one of my favorite topics to research 🤓💪🏻

Cause heck, if I want to live, I need to understand what causes us NOT to live.


One vain person is already yak.

But when two vain people come together, the shit gets really huge.

And if a vain couple decides to have a baby, oh dear, poor baby.


And so, in here I let you have a look into my research material

about the structures and mechanisms of a vain couple -

which is also a glimpse into one of my courses at E-School 🙋🏻


So let's dive into the material -

and have a look at the Inner Landscapes of a vain couple.



an insight into e-School's Material
extracted and written by veronica Trombini

«We know them all.

Beautiful faces.

Well educated.

Well paid jobs.


All seems fine.

We might even feel envious.

We might even think, that they "made it".

And yet, when we look closer, something doesn't add up.


We feel irritated.

We feel uncomfortable.

We might even feel fear.

And for most of us, there it ends.


But it's THEN, when I start looking VERY closely.


And that's what I did.


This painting  represents a vain couple I tuned in.» 


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He is an empty shell,

whose ego has spread like a cancerous growth,

which is now spilling out into the Outer World,

contaminating whatever he comes in touch with.


Whatever is alive, he destroys.

Whatever is truth, he poisons.

Whatever is harmony, he disrupts.


Creating chaos, breaking agreements,

lies & deception, manipulation, gaslighting, abuse are his tools -

and how he chooses to walk his path.




She is a puppet,

whose avoidance of the truth,

has let her become the beautiful, corrupt facade

that shields the wrongness of their lives from themselves AND the Outer World.


Whatever is not right, she denies.

Whatever does not fit her concept, she twists.

Whatever is wrong, she blames on others.


Vanity, falsehood, manipulation, lies & deception,

slutiness, corruption, abuse are her tools - 

and, how she chooses to walk her path.



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As I mentioned in my earlier Blog Post I am fascinated (and sometimes 😩😭😱😤)

by the human behaviour and I am constantly observing, researching and analyzing

the different structures and mechanisms we humans choose.


Yet, the above shown structures give me the creeps.

And the fact that in those structures a baby was born is horrifying to me.


«Poor, poor baby!

Oh my, you dear new Life.

How much I would love to rescue you from the hell that you chose to come in.

Every single fiber of my being yearns to give you a safe, nourishing, loving and truthful home.


Yet it's not my place to do that.

A warm, safe, nurturing home is what you deserve.

A loving, truthful and Life welcoming home you deserve.

Yet, that you not chose.


And so in Life I trust.

And so, in your choice I trust.


Poor, poor baby.

May you be safe.»


As I mentioned above:

One vain person is TRULY yak.

But when two vain people come together,

the gift of Heaven on Earth is replaced by the Reality of Hell. 

And if a vain couple "decides" to have a baby and bring it forth

in that hostile and Life threatening environment...


«Oh my, you poor baby.

The horror it awaits you.»




It's how we decide to navigate through the Inner Landscapes that creates our reality.


It's not the insane family we were born. 

It's not the Outer World.


Oh yes, there's shit out there.

Like a TON.


And yet, it's what WE do with that shit.

Do we decide to continue to leave our feet in the shit and stay stuck in that disgustingness -

and our Life spins exactly and only around that specific spot?


Or do we decide to pull our feet out of the shit, clean our feet,

leave the shit where it belongs (there!) and create a new path out of that mess?



And so the work I do (and offer) is:
1. To truly look at the shit.

2. To understand its structures and mechanisms (and where it truly belongs)

3. And, to choose to walk a new path.




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