Poor, poor narcissists.


Lockdowns haven't been easy for them.


Actually, lockdowns have been - and still are - hell for them.


The world stages are frozen.

Contraction and isolation invite the world back to its core.

Narcissists HATE the core, the truth.


People withdraw into their own drama.

Facades are crumbling. Behind the scenes are emerging everywhere.

Grandeur resp. delusions of grandeur are exchanged by realness.

Narcissists DESPICE realness.


The world is invited to slow down.

People are confronted with the fact that their world is crumbling.

Humans all over the world are thrown back to the essentiality of what human life really is.

Narcissists LOOK DOWN to human life and its essentiality.


The body.

And its needs.

And its health.

As the foundation of our human existence.

And its truest of all truths - our mortality.


Humans all over the world are confronted with questions like

- Why am I here?

- What is the purpose of my existence?

- How do I want to live?

- How do I want to work?

- How do I want die?

- Who am I actually?


There aren't any distractions anymore to flee to.



Shopping centers are closed.

Restaurants are closed.

Cinemas are closed.

Museums are closed.

Parks are closed.

Airports aren't anymore a portal for fleeing our mediocre existences.


Social distancing forces people to actually live REAL connections.

Social distancing forces people to NOT misuse "friends" and social life for distracting themselves.

Social distancing strips off ALL the facades that we have been using in order to avoid ourselves.


That's poison for narcissists.


Cause who is a narcissist without ALL that?

Without all the distractions?

Without the never ending rush through the everyday life?

Without all the different stages they (mis)use for their delusions of grandeur?

Without all the people they (mis)use as live sources for their empty lives?


No one?


Or shall I ask:

What is a narcissist?


Let's dive deeper.


The companies with their business buildings have become dessert places. One of THE stages a narcissists (mis)uses for his madness.


The pandemic has forced all - employees, superiors, the entire chain of hierarchy - into home office.

At least that's what Switzerland is experiencing. For many, many, really maaaaaany weeks now. And in some companies, in some cases, home office has been THE reality for almost an entire year.


Home office.


A way of working that was long, long desired. Many have been fighting to actually having it.


I remember how in my old days of being an employee, the world "home office" was an insult for those inflated bosses and their inflated companies. Having a job, doing a job, wasn't about DOING the work. In may cases, having and doing a job was a charade, a show, a facade - so that we could fit in, so that we could say "I am blabla. I work blabla". In many ways, having a job wasn't about the ACTUAL job, but about a facade, that many of us, need(ed) in order to move through society "safely". How many (bad) discussions have I had about doing home office and always got a big "NO!" when suggesting to work in a more efficient and more human way.


Now we're having it.


That which sooooo many companies, sooo many bosses, soooo many people said it's impossible.

That which the narcissistic society with their narcissistic companies SOOO refused to give to their people, to their staff. 


Now look at the world.


Suddenly home office is not only a possibility.

In many cases home office has become a MUST for a ton of people.

Even prescribed, ordered by the own government!!!


Holy Pff.




Now, home office isn't a problem, for those who actually did the work in the past years. The signs have been screaming at us for years, if not for decades. And for those who dived in, took matters into their hands, changed some fundamental things in their lives, home office resp. these lockdowns aren't that much of a struggle.


Those who are able to be with themselves, those whose self worth isn't (fully) dependent from the others, from the Outer World, welcomed these lockdowns with a breathe a sigh of relief. Are grateful for this one of a kind blessing. Time, space and their own rhythm. Wow.


Actually, I am enjoying myself immensively.

2020 has been one of my best years.

And 2021 seems to top 2020 💪🏻


Not the narcissists.

Not for all those, whose existence was/is fully driven by the Outer World.

Not for all those, whose existence and definition of their self-worth was/is conducted by the outside world.

Not for all those, whose existence only exists in the Outer Wold, who have no connection to the(ir) Inner World.


For narcissist the pandemic and the consequences that countries, companies and societies have been forced to introduce on many, many levels the current situation is hell.


They are thrown back to themselves.




Scary 😁

Actually, hell do also experience those people, who till now weren't able to actually have a SELF-sustainable life (and by that I very clearly emphasize on the "SELF"), who till now didn't dare to actually live a nourished real life, whose existence as a human being was/is to walk as an empty, mindless, soulless shell through this life experience. Those being aren't necessarily ALL narcissists.


Hell experience right now all those people who refused till now the fundamental necessity to learn to BE with themSELVES. People who have whatsoever NO (or little) relationship with themSELVES.


But those personality structures aren't the ones this Blog Post is focusing. I surely will be covering some (interesting) material about those structures in the future, but for the moment, it's the narcissists.




Back to them.

To the narcissists.


Did you know...


... that abuse is the act of INTENTIONALLY harming or injuring another person?


A narcissist WILL abuse.


A narcissist NEEDS to abuse.


A narcissist FEEDS on abuse.


It's his/her nature.


Wether he sits on a chief chair and is responsible for people and a department, or is a president and is responsible for an entire country, or got with his good degrees a high paying job in a foreign country - a narcissist WILL abuse. He will abuse his position, his environment, his people.


This, in order TO FILL the void he created within himself by cutting off the life forces within him.

This, in order TO FLEE the madness he created within him by cutting off, who he really is.

This, in order TO NOT FEEL the pain he created by severing the cords with his soul.


A narcissist NEEDS to abuse.


Cause what makes a person a narcissist is that he WILLINGLY cut of the life, the life streams within himself.

Cause what makes a person a narcissist is that he WILLINGLY sold his soul (or parts of it) for an illusion.


For some reason they have decided that the life within themselves, that who they really are, is not allowed to be, so they cut the strings to the life force within them. They sold their soul for an illusion, which lies in the world of madness. They chose insanity aka facade over sanity aka realness aka their soul.


Yet the system NEEDS the energy of life in order to exist.


Therefore narcissists NEED to misuse the people around them.

And the misuse is that they draw life energies from the people around them.

And the misuse is that they take others people gifts, competences, skills, time, money, etc. in order to feed their starving system, which THEY amputated by cutting off the strings to their own life force.


That's a narcissist.


Narcissists misuse over and over again their gift of free will that all human beings have been given to harm themselves. And as they harm themselves they have no remorse to harm others.


Narcissists see themselves as superior beings.

YET it comes from a place of NO value within them.

It comes from them having devalued themselves completely.


How can they have value if they have cut themselves from their own fountain of life?


Value lies within our own Fountain of Life.

Value lies within that unique Spark of Life.

Value lies within our Soul.


Their NO-CONNECTION with their own self and therefore not having an understanding of self-worth, creates a constant gradient which they need to fill. And therefore they put themselves on TOP of others. So they do NOT feel that gradient within themselves. It's a very pitch black hole within them and they decided to NOT wanting to have a light.


In that sick constellation they see it as their "right" to harm others.

As they cut off THEIR own life force, THEY have put themselves ABOVE life itself.



If they are SO "strong" to cut of THEIR own life forces within them, they definitely have earned the "right" to do the same to others. That's the ill mind of a narcissist.


They disdain Life itself.

They hate Life itself.

They are disgusted by Life itself.

They condemn Life itself.


Actually they disdain, they hate, they condemn themselves.

Actually they are disgusted by themselves.


That's a narcissist.


A human being who abuses THE most precious gift that the Heavens have given us - free will or also know as the gift of choosing - to do harm. To himself. And by that to others.


They choose vanity = illusion over truth = life.


They have looked within and what they saw did not please them.

At all.


And then they used vanity to separate themselves from the Source.


And that's how hell is created.


Over and over again.


What about you?


 Do you know a narcissists?

If so, where did you have you that unpleasant experience?

Family? Job? Friends?


 If you know some narcissists, did you experience them differently in these past months

with the lockdowns all over the world?

If so, what changed?


 Are you perhaps a narcissist?

Actually I think, you can impossible be a narcissist.

A narcissist would not be attracted to the work I do.

I am too life oriented, to real.

And I see through the illusions they (try to) create.




 What to you do to take care of yourself?

What do you do to nourish the relationship with the Source within you?



If it feels right

 Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comment section 


GETTING with this Blog Post A TASTE
OF the importance of having a relationship
with the Source within you?


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