I'm Veronica¬†ūüôčūüŹĽ


 A vivid Human Being.

Devoted Inner Explorer & Artist.

And Founder of the online self-development school

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self.


I travel, research and charter the Inner World.

And as an Inner Traveler I love "interesting" Inner Landscapes.

With the consequences that I am naturally attracted to shit.

To human shit.

Resp. to shitty human behavior.

And its structures and mechanisms.


Disorder, chaos, lies, manipulation, deception....

aah, that's when my system starts to tingle.

That's when my system activates the Inner Investigator Department.

That's when my system starts to look very very really very closely.

And then, sooo much interesting shit, äh, stuff comes up.


Cause the question that bugs me the most is:



This was meant to be Paradise.

This was meant to be one of the greatest Creations.

This want meant to be Heaven on Earth.


And yet, it's not.

Well. Not anymore.

Has it ever been?


And so, here I am. Experiencing this Human Life thing.

And meanwhile, studying and researching the different

structures and mechanisms we humans choose.

The uglier the better - says the researcher in me.

I am soo exhausted - says the human part in me.

But both long to find answers to THE question.




So looking at human (shit) behavior is a fundamental part of why I am here.

Studying human (shit) behavior is a fundamental part of why I decided to come.


What hinders the Stream of Life to flow?

Why are there blockages? What happened along the journey?

Why have the strings of Life been cut?

What? Why? When?


THAT'S what I want to know.

I can't bring Life back into this world,

without understanding what causes Life to disappear.


And interestingly,

focusing on couples and their structures and mechanisms has been

an extremely enriching experience with profound insights regarding human behavior.


And so in today's Blog Post we're exploring the topic "corruption".

Namely the corruption of the heart.


One person who has chosen to corrupt her heart, has casted her heart away.

The path of light = the path of truth will then turn into a path of darkness.

And, oh boy oh boy, when two corrupted people come together,

the field of darkness and terror they create is devastating.

They are like a cancerous growth - contaminating everything they touch. 


There are endless of micro to macro moments that at some point

in our human experience had and will continue to have an impact to our lives.


Life throws to us a bunch of experiences.

Beautiful. Ugly. Messy. Horrible. Tasty. Gorgeous. Terrible.

The list is endless.


Yet, it is what WE do with what we experience that defines us as human beings.

It's what WE decide, that shapes our lives.


It's called self-responsibility.

Responding to the Self (and I am mean here, the Inner Self)

and not to the Outer World.


Some people choose to grow.

Some people choose to close their doors.

Some people choose the path of their hearts.

Some people choose the opposite direction of what their soul is longing.

And sometimes we do all those things together.


If vanity is yak, a corrupted heart is yak-yak.

Corruption of the heart is a sickness of the heart,

which manifests in a darkness that eats the particles of Life piece by piece.

Perfidious, corruption of the heart is like an invisible mist of darkness that has access

to all particles of the being, contaminating slowly but surely every single aspect of that soul.


Opening the heart to corruption is choosing the path of darkness.

Opening the heart to corruption is choosing malice.

Opening the heart to corruption is going against the truth of the own heart.


That human being can be bought.

That human being will corrupt others.

That human will go over dead bodies.  


In this specific case I want to share with you some insights of what I found out

when I tuned into a couple that lives and spreads disrespect, abuse, suppression and fear.

And so in today's Blog Post I'll let you have again a glimpse into my research material

which is offered at my my online school for self-development called

E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self.


So let's get started - and let's have closer look

at those unique Inner Landscapes that unveiled a corrupted couple.




¬ęObsessed with their image.

Empty within themselves.

Self-aggrandizing therefore they have become.


Their own truth they have denied.

Untrustworthy therefore they have become.


Their own truth they don't want.

Malicious, greedy, suppressive therefore they have become.


For their own satisfaction they will destroy others. And enjoy it.

For their own advantage they will distort the truth and law. And enjoy it.

For their own benefit they will walk over dead bodies. And enjoy it.

Dangerous they have become.


Craving for attention, they will do anything to get it.

Craving to fill the emptiness within themselves, they will do anything to not feel it.

Craving to be someone, they will do anything to achieve it.

Corrupted they have become.




There are many ways to walk this human experience.

There are many paths and many junctions.

There are paths that feel right.

And paths that feel wrong.

There are junctions with many options.

And junctions with little options.

Which path or which junction we choose, is up to us.

The choices are always 100% up to us.


Paths that are beautiful, smooth, beneficent, nourishing and sustainable are appealing to me.

I like paths that are true to who I really am.

I like paths that feel right.

I like paths that are mine.

I like paths that are me.

I like paths that are created from within.

I like paths that nourishes others.

I like paths that are a blessing.

For me and others.


From the encounter we had with this couple,

these two people chose another way of traveling this human experience.


From the encounter we had with this couple,

these two people chose to abuse, to bully, to suppress others.


And so I tuned in.

And looked at them.


In this painting¬†‚Üstyou'll see the energy and colors representation

of the structures and mechanisms of what revealed themselves as a corrupted couple.


longing to understand better the inner structures & mechanisms? 

the PLACE for your inner journey

THE woman


Her greed a business she made out of it.

Her lust a tool she uses to manipulate the world.

Her appearance a mere mask of expensive make-up, clothes and well-educated slutiness.


Yet, without all of facades, dark shadows under her eyes, no friends, no hobbies, no life.

Her home a desolated, cold home with a husband who's "nice" face a stalker, predator and abuser hides.

Her life a borderline dark pit it has become.

Her life, the choices she made.


Big money she brings home.

Big money she helps to hide.

Big money is to what she sold her soul.

Her life a dark, devouring beast it has become.

Her life, the choices she made.



THE man


His loud, disharmonious voice his sickness hearable it makes.

His "don't worry-don't worry"-phone calls in public his incompetence visible it makes.

His chaotic way of treating his dog his madness visible it makes.


A wimp he is.

A liar he is.

A nothingness he is.


The emptiness within himself devouring him is.

The madness within himself devouring him is.

The meaningless of his existence devouring him is.


His hunger for suppressing, hurting and imposing his will to others with his looks he hides.

His madness yet not unseen it is.

His pathology yet not unseen it is.

His sickness yet not unseen it is.


His distorted being behind the facade of a "well-educated" international business man

married to a woman who brings in big money from a well-known company he hides.

His sick being behind his every day walks with an exclusive dog on his side he hides.




The nothingness of his existence he longs to disrupt.

The nothingness of his existence devouring him.

He desperately, insanely craves attention.

Unpredictable he now has become.


Women, be careful.

Mothers, look out for your girls.

Women, avoid him.




The wimp who is a wimp does not want to be a wimp.

The wimp who is a wimp revenge for being a wimp he seeks.

The wimp who is a wimp dangerous he has become.



are you interested
in working on this

specific topic? 



As I mentioned above, the researcher in me finds the shit behind human behavior highly highly interesting. Yet the human part of me, is often challenged. Especially if I uncover such disgusting structures and mechanisms like this one. And in this specific case I am not only highly highly disgusted but actually also horrified. These structures and mechanisms are more than alarming. These structures and mechanisms are actually dangerous. Dangerous in a life-threatening-dangerous-way.


And therefore important to share.


If you come across with only a slightly similar

structures and mechanism this is what I recommend:


1. Disengage. End the contact, immediately.

There is only disaster to experience with these structures and mechanisms.

They feed on fear and suppression. They create only chaos, abuse and more insanity.


2. If this is not possible (a co-worker, a family member, a neighbour situation etc.) become a grey rock.

Don't give them the slightest piece of you. No emotions, no reaction, no possibility to interact with you. Change your rhythm. Take another bus. Go for a walk to another time. Avoid situations where an encounter could happen. They feed on emotions and conflicts in order to create more chaos, which creates even more emotions and conflicts and even more chaos, etc. etc. Structures like these are like a carcinogenic cell. They devour. They destroy. So be smarter, keep your energy for yourself and take care of yourself.


3. Keep a diary of every single encounter (date, hour, what exactly happened).

If your notes show you some strange-strange behavior, go to the police. Strange-strange is different for everybody, but examples could be: That person is sneaking around your house. That person is following you. That person keeps showing up at some strangest places. Keeping a diary with those strange-strange encounters will give you real material (not only that bad feeling you're having in your guts, which is great but not practical for getting actual help if needed), which then will help you with for example the Police.

Here in Switzerland the Police has a prevention site. Contact them. Explain them what your experiencing, what you're observing. Show them your notes. They know these structures and mechanisms better and can give you some advices which are based on what offers the law.


4. Take care of yourself. Do things that make you feel strong and empowered.

The above mentioned structures feed on the ones who feel weak and unclear.

The more you strengthen yourself and your energies, the higher your vibration is,

and the lesser the probability to have an opening for those structures. Do some little workouts, organize your house, become more structured, meditate, cook, bake, etc. Whatever makes you feel strong and clear, do it. Establish those things as new, healthy, empowering habits.


5. Organize yourself with the most important phone numbers.

Now, don't give me that look. But being well prepared is often-often the best way to avoid shit happening. So having that phone of yours (or whatever thing you choose) organized with the most important numbers (you decide which numbers will make you feel safe) will give you the needed tranquility to be able to reach out for help if needed.




As a human beings we all have personalities and with personalities we automatically have inner structures and mechanisms. And yet, it's not the personality structures nor their mechanisms that are a problem. Is what WE DO with what has been given to us. Given to us in form of our main personality structures. Given to us in form of what Life and the Outer World throws at us. Etc.


In this specific case we are looking at a very disgusting example of two very unhealthy personality structures.

Yet unhealthy personality structures are man made. Unhealthy personality structures are created by unhealthy (or bad) decisions that each person decided to make. 


If you're familiar with the Enneagram which is a model of the human psyche, then the above examples are great examples of an unhealthy personality type two (the woman) and an very very unhealthy personality type three (the man). But every personality type has healthy, average and unhealthy versions of it. These two human beings for some reason ended up in the unhealthy department of their personality type and seem to actually "enjoy" it. Their life is hell, yet they choose to stay there and spread their sickness.


And that's why I am doing the work I am doing.

To truly look at shit.


In order to understand.

In order to make better decisions.

In order to become a better human being.

In order to be a blessing (and not an asshole).

In order to ascend (and not descend).

In order to help.


This world is a mess.

Yet the essence of Heaven on Earth is still in the field.

For those who seek to change, to grow, to heal, to reconnect with who we really are,

my online school for self-development is open.


Depending on your needs you can choose between

the basic, the advanced or the intensive version of

E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self.


The school is here.

I am here.


It's up to you,

if you're also here.


In the meantime,

with love,





This Blog Post was last updated on Sunday, 14.11.2021.

eager to finally under-stand (better) those inner structures & mechanisms?



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