I am an inspirational artist,
vibrational translatorexplorer and traveler.





I've dedicated my life to research the Inner World -
and I've created a method to make the Inner World with its Emotions visible.

By painting and translating the Vibration of the Inner World.


Colors, canvas and words,
are the tools to capture 
the results of my research and of my travels.


 more about the work 



The Inner World

The Inner World is the
 Inner Landscape of a person.

The Inner World is the
 vibrational reality of us,

where everything has been stored and
where everything is continuously being stored,
what we as a person have ever
experienced, felt, understood, seen, desired, etc.

The Inner World 
makes her appearance into our lives
by showing up 
as emotions.

 emotions are the vibrational language that our Inner World
is using 
to communicate with us in our physical reality.


Every emotion has a vibration and emotions together
create a vibrational landscape - the Inner World.

Our emotions are our Guiding System.
Are we moving toward our truth - we feel good.
Are we moving away from our truth - we feel unhappy.

Listening, discovering and studying our emotions
 the direct way to our Inner World

and gives us an exact"picture" of our Inner Landscapes.


Exploring and mapping our Inner World

is exploring and mapping who we truly are


- and by that become the Masters of our Lives. 


The Center of our Inner World is a Spark of Life.

Every single being has a
 Unique Spark of Life.

That Unique Spark
 is Source Energy -
which is the Energy that gives us life,
that IS life.

All your experiences and desires,
EVERYTHING that ever has crossed our lives
is stored within our Inner World,
gathered around our Unique Spark of Life -
gathered in a Vortex,
which moves around your Unique Spark of Life.

The interaction between our
1. Spark of Life and
2. our Vortex
3. combined with our own Free Will
creates our reality.

Our Inner World
is the foundation
 from where we create, and by that expand.


Connecting with our Inner World 
allows us to become a deliberate creator on our journey of expansion.




You ARE a beautiful, unique Soul
with a Unique Spark of Life
 within a gorgeous, colorful and unique Inner World -


having an human, physical experience.

And my work and this site are dedicated 
 to inspire you to research your Inner World in order to find and cherish
that UNIQUE SPARK OF LIFE of yours.


Only if we know who we truly are - this I wholeheartedly believe -
we truly are alive and free.

 There is SO MUCH beauty, SO MUCH uniqueness,
SO MUCH YOU within you

that awaits to be explored, to be embraced,
to be lived.

UNIQUE spark of life
that is only given to you,
to be lived, expressed, molded and expanded
only by 

The entire Universe lies within us.


And making that Universe visible - 
 by painting and translating the vibrations of the Inner World
is one way to explore that world within us.


For this specific journey of yours

I will be your personal travel guide and the paintings and their translations will be
the guide book to the Inner World.

The paintings are like the pictures in a guide book:
They are in the guide book to inspire but also help you to travel
and navigate the foreign country.


The written translations are like the written text in the guide books:
The explanations and descriptions are the detailed information that the travel guide
has elaborated so that you can travel safely in the country you choose to travel.




Now, where did I learnt such an unique technique? -
you might ask yourself. 


Vibration has always been my language.
But it was in Summer 2014 while going through a very, very hard time,
when I was given a way to make visible what I am actually sensing, seeing, perceiving.

Back then, in Summer 2014 I was already studying Art Therapy with focus on Dance & Movement Therapy, while working parallel as an Executive Assistant to two Members of the Management Board of one of the biggest Swiss Institutions. But in May 2014 I had reported to bosses because of sexual harrasment and my world felt apart.

Luckily I say today, but back then it was horrible.

The company had - after seeing the extend of what had been uncovered - started to cover what had happened and pushing me out of the company.

I was facing such a horrible time that I had started praying for help.

One day in July 2014, on a Tuesday morning at 8 am
I woke up by a voice saying: "Paint."

And a vision and movement within me of painting vertical with colors appeared.

There was such a deep calmness and truth in that spoken word.
It felt like a silent and yet moving mountains bell signal.

I got up.
Very calm.

And I started painting.


To that specific day painting had not been part of my life at all -
as you might figure out while learning more about myself.

But since then, I am painting.







Summer 2014
Where everything started.








And I have been evolving.
Autumn 2014






And evolving.

Summer 2015






And evolving.

Winter 2015






And evolving.

Spring 2016






And evolving.

Summer 2016






And evolving.

Winter 2017






And evolving.

Autumn 2018




And, evolving to this day.

Your Unique Spark of Life is your most precious jewel.
But in order to understand how to nurture it, you need to look within -
within the Inner Landscapes of your Inner World.


is where you find all the answers, all the adventures,
all the treasures you were longing for.

And my work and this site is dedicated to INSPIRE YOU to go on that journey,

to have that relationship with yourself,

and with that UNIQUE spark of life that is only within YOU.

So that you truly may





Sometimes, no amount of words can explain what wants to be explained.
So let me share here some impressions from my travels to the Inner World,
so that the paintings and their words may reach you in a way that my attend here can't -

as I have come to experience, that the paintings and their written translations
have their own way to communicate with those who are attracted to them ;-)

Enjoy them.


CARMINE RED @ Painting

«You burn. You WANT to live your life NOW. Whatever holds you back, will be burnt in the sacred flames of transformation. Speak the words. Clean the house. Get rid of old stuff. Rearrange. Reorganize. Restructure. Make space! Space for YOU. For the awakened part of you that finally has been set free. It's your time now. LIVE. NOW.»


YELLOW @ Painting

«Freshness is in the air. Take a deep breath. And enjoy the freshness that comes after having released, cleared and set you free. Isn't it just wonderful that feeling of clarity within you? Now go out and live your new self.»



«A jewel of your soul. Born from deep, deep within you. Traveled all the way through darkness. The longing of your soul. Now demands to be born. Breathe. And let it come.»


In any case, if you have read this far, I want to thank you. 
I honor and appreciate the time you have invested till here.


In case you also felt in  with the paintings and their translations, 

I am inviting you to continue this journey we have started together a few paragraphs above. 

Now, what do you think about the colors, and what about the colors?
Do they resonate with you?

To be honest, I am absolutely in  with them.

From the over 1'500 paintings I have painted and
from the over 50 editions I have translated with this technique in the past years,
every single one is
 one of a kind and amazing.



It seems that this huge Universe within us
is a never ending gorgeous space to explore fantastic landscapes,
vibrant colors and on point clarity over and over again.

And that is why 
the depths of the Inner World  have always been - 
from the moment I was born and even before that - 
THE destinations of my travels and the focus of my research.

Today as an adult, having an human experience,
I have been blessed with
 this unique technique

that allows me to share with you - in an one of a kind way -

my journeys with the Inner World.

It's like having a «creative iPhone» explicit for my Inner Explorations,
and while I am traveling I can take pictures and send voice messages, cause

colors, canvas and words have become my tools

with which I capture the results of my research and of my travels.

And in these amazing times of the Internet it has become possible
to share my work with you, who might be on the other side of world
or also just around the corner here in Zürich, Switzerland!


Isn't this amazing?
These are indeed one of a kind times.


If you have come this far, the paintings seem to have caught your attention.
And so I would love to invite on your first bigger journey to the Inner World. 

I have prepared a gorgeous and
so that you may explore your first travel to the Inner World.

This Free Travel Guide is a Mini E-Book that comes as a PDF,
and will give you also an exact idea of how
the content of the programs I offer looks like.




the colors, beauty & clarity of the inner world.

by receiving this gorgeous and FREE TRAVEL GUIDE called


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Explore the Colors, Beauty and Clarity of the Inner World.


Yes, I offer services.

This work I do, 
is meant for you,

is meant  to INSPIRE YOU
to research and travel your own Inner World. 


I have worked one to one, with groups,
in persona, online, with national clients and 
international clients.


I was a Secretary, a Flight Attendant, a Personal Executive Assistant, a Dance & Movement Therapist, a Massage Therapist, a Web Designer, a Business Coach, an Angel Medium, a Spiritual Consultant, a Business Energy Consultant and Soul Mentor.


And today I have come to the conclusion that the
 ONLY integer way for me
to INSPIRE YOU to look within you,
to actually have a relationship with your Inner Self,

 to explore your Inner World
is actually to lead by example.

And means

to share fully and completely
my own travels to the Inner World
on a constant and regular base.

And so,

School of Emotions

was born.

I am currently tweaking and adjusting the content, but

♥ We'll soon open! 

So, if you are longing
to become a Master of your Emotions,
to transform confusion into clarity and insecurity into a sense of safety,
to enhance your ability to act, and therefore extending the radius of your life,
to anchor emotional stability AND to develop a solid, non-judgmental relationship
with your Emotions AND with yourself,




You'll also get small chunks of knowledge, colorful inspiration
and artful wisdom to start now with the exploration of your Inner World.


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