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I'm Veronica 🙋🏻


 A vivid Human Being.

Devoted Inner Explorer & Artist.

And Founder of the online self-development school

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self.


Traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do -

while living a full fledged human experience.


I've come to be me.

And to expand me.


And, if you're ready and willing,

I'm also here to help you

on your own journey

to be you,

to find you,

to explore you,

to transform you.


In today's Blog Post I'm sharing with you

a wonderful extract from one of the art pieces I've extracted from the Inner World -

giving you a little insight-nugget on the reward that awaits us

as soon as we start to refocus our attention and energies toward our Inner World,

away from all the drama, stress and fear of the Outer World.







The artwork «LOVE OF MY LIFE» speaks of having reached love in our life.


There is a sweetness within us.

A sweetness that is where we come from.

A sweetness that makes Life joyful, rich and safe.


A sweetness that along the journey has unfortunately

been replaced by an hardening of the heart.


A sweetness that along our human experience has been lost

- and stress, fear and anxiety have become the ruler of our lives.


Yet, if we have chosen to do the Inner Work,

we are able to reconnect with that sweetness.


Yet, if we have chosen to start listening to that Inner Voice,

we are able to regain our sweetness.


And our Life becomes a blessing.

A juicy, forward-oriented, joyful experience.


That place within us,

where everything is alright.

That place within us,

where all the miracles happen.

That place within us,

where Life really happens.


It is unfortunate, that in our culture we have established a mentality of stress, fear and anxiety.

It is unfortunate, that in this world of ours, living a life aligned to our truth is so feared.


And yet, our culture is unhappy.

The chosen structures, mechanisms and ways of living do not work.


Our world is sick, unstable and moving from one disaster to the other.

The chosen structures, mechanisms and ways of living are not sustainable.


And in midst of all that,

there is a longing in the field.


A longing of many, many, really many souls who long to live differently.

A longing that is culminating in collapses of many, many, really many structures.

A longing that has brought many, many, really many souls into making different choices.


Going within.

Taking care of ourselves.

Listening to that Inner Voice.

Doing the Inner Work.


It ain't the easiest journey to choose.

Yet, you have chosen it.


It's time that you acknowledge yourself for

all the courage and bravery it took - and still takes.


It's time.




This Blog Post was last updated on Friday, 26.11.2021.


does this painting and its colors and message speak to you?

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