Artist Dates

Artist Dates · 22. February 2021
When I am NOT traveling, researching, chartering the Inner World, and NOT diving into the different inner structures and mechanisms of human behaviour, THEN - amongst many different earthly things - I am enjoying an Artist Date 😋 With an Artist Date you're basically having once a week a date with yourself. With the purpose to explore something that interests YOU. And because they are so fun-fun, I am sharing some of them here on my Blog. So let's dive now into the world of gnocchi 🍚

Artist Dates · 11. February 2021
The concept of Artist Date was introduced to me in 2018 with Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way". An Artist Date is basically an once a week date with yourself. With the sole purpose to explore something that makes YOU happy. And because this physical world really has a problem with having fun and enjoying Life, I am sharing as an inspiration here some of my Artist Dates. So let's dive now into the fascinating world of the ancient Egyptian world and into Tutankhamun's Exhibition 🌴 🐪

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