Creative Self-Expression

Creative Self-Expression · 08. April 2021
In this Blog Post I'll share how oil pastels came into this world. Cause for your own creative self-expression journey you'll need tools. Tools that are great, useful, beautiful AND effective. And oil pastels are all of that. Searching for the Life within, will let emerge within you the urge of self-expression. And for THOSE specific moments it's important that you have tools at hand. So let's make you knowledgable, so that you can choose the best tools for your personal Inner Journey 🎨

Creative Self-Expression · 07. April 2021
Let's shop Oil Pastels! In this Blog Post I present you my recommended shopping list for oil pastels. Cause heck, the moment we start searching for the Life within SELF-EXPRESSION becomes automatically an urge. It's like the Life within us can feel we're looking for it, and BAMM it starts to want to COME OUT. And for THAT specific moment we need to have tools at hand. Oil pastels are a great way to let have the Life within us express itself creatively. And so, let's shop oil pastels together 👛

Creative Self-Expression · 06. March 2021
As you might know, I am all about using art for my Inner Exploration journeys. I find it is the most easiest, the most fun, the most sustainable, the most tangible, the most self-empowering, the most independent AND the most beautiful way to explore who I really am. With art and creative mediums I am absolutely free to be creative AND explore and research my Inner Landscapes whenever it feels right. And so today I want you to present you one of my favorite creative mediums: Oil pastels 😍

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