Creative Self-Expression

Creative Self-Expression · 08. April 2021
Come with me as I dive further into the world of creative mediums and look into how oil pastels actually came into our world. 🤓🎨💪🏻

Creative Self-Expression · 07. April 2021
Let's shop Oil Pastels! In this Blog Post I present you my recommended shopping list for oil pastels. I've put together a selected list of oil pastels so that you - depending on what you want and need - can make a good decision and start (or continue) your creative self-expression journey 🤗👛🎨😍

WHAT ARE OIL PASTELS? - Or, an Invitation to Start your Personal Creative Self-Expression Journey with Oil Pastels
Creative Self-Expression · 06. March 2021
Come with me as I dive into the world of creative mediums and look into what oil pastels really are. I also, invite you here to start your personal creative self-expression journey with these gorgeous fun-fun crayons. 🤗🎉🎨💪🏻😍

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