Nourishing Self-Care

Nourishing Self-Care · 24. January 2020
You're absolutely one of kind. There is no other like you in the entire Universe. So your uniqueness NEEDS absolutely nurturing self-care. Especially in this physical realm where the world is gone sooooo loud. Stillness is a MUST to keep your system balanced and healthy. So implementing a regular (power) nap or siesta into your day is a wonderful nourishing way to take care of yourself 🌅

TAKE A BREAK | A Cloudy Winter Afternoon
Nourishing Self-Care · 16. January 2020
Without taking care of ourselves we are of no value for ourselves nor for the world. We can't lead from behind. Yet leading is necessary if we want to fully be in charge of our Life. And so, in here I take you on one of those nurturing breaks that are soo essential for a balanced and juicy life. May you enjoy the beautiful nature. 🤗

TAKE A BREAK | A Pastel Colored Winter Evening
Nourishing Self-Care · 07. January 2020
You're precious. And without you, there is a gap. Truly, no one can replace you. No one. So taking care of you, is of outmost importance. It's like THE job. Like the ONLY job. And so, in this video here, I take you for the first time on one of my nurturing breaks. May you enjoy the gorgeous colors of this cold winter nature landscape 🤗

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