Nourishing Self-Care

Nourishing Self-Care · 24. January 2020
T A K E . A . B R E A K . This video was born while me lying in bed with a tremendous flu/bronchitis and sooo suffering with the freaking cold and foggy winter weather (I mean, who the heck invented winter anyways?!😫). And in order to sooth my discomfort, I created this wonderful video 🌅

Nourishing Self-Care · 16. January 2020
P A U S E . B R E A T H E . A N D . L O O K . Grab your warm jacket and join me on my balcony for a little afternoon break - while enjoying an absolutely stunning winter afternoon sky here in Zürich 🌤☁️😮

Nourishing Self-Care · 07. January 2020
P A U S E . B R E A T H E . A N D . L O O K . Put on your warm jacket and enjoy with me this beautiful, magical and very cold winter evening here in Switzerland.

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