Orchids & Plants

Orchids & Plants · 06. July 2021
Listen, we can't constantly being digging in the Inner World and work on those Inner Landscapes - we are Human Beings therefore the Outer World is ALSO an important part of our journey here on this physical plane. And having plants is a gorgeous, beautiful, very nurturing way of being in the Outer World. Yet, having pests on our plants can cause quite a disaster and sooo much stress in our everyday life! So in here I give you a quick list on what to do if you detect some pests on your plants 🌿

Orchids & Plants · 10. September 2020
S M A L L . A N D . Y O U N G . P L A N T S | 15 easy to care house plants for small spaces🌱 Here a fine selection of 15 easy to care small and young house plants, which are ideal for small spaces and I ALSO find beautiful and unique looking.

Orchids & Plants · 26. February 2020
B L O O M I N G . O R C H I D S . 🌺 Turn the volume up and come with me on my orchid house tour #2 and dive into the gorgeousness of my blooming orchids of December 2019 while enjoying some beautiful and relaxing music 🤗😘😊

Orchids & Plants · 21. January 2020
B L O O M I N G . O R C H I D S . 🎉 Turn the volume up and come with me on this orchid house tour and enjoy with me the beauty of my blooming orchids - while having some beautiful dance music in the background - yes, dancing is allowed 🤗😘😊

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