The Inner World

The Inner World · 09. July 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Far away you had to travel. Far away you have been. […]»

The Inner World · 02. July 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Sweeping storms will come. Sweeping storms already here. Cleansing the pus within. […]»

The Inner World · 25. June 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Dear. Your heartbeat is calling you. Feel it. Sense it. Listen to it. […]»

The Inner World · 11. June 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Soul. The veil is lifting. See through. The center is clarity. […]»

The Inner World · 19. May 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «The call of the sirens. The blessing of the sea. The turmoil has been settled. Breathe. […]»

The Inner World · 28. April 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Why, why, WHY? Why do you keep choosing hell over and over again? Why do you keep choosing inner death? […]

The Inner World · 31. January 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «WOMAN, where have you been? Dare to go within! Explore yourself! And by God, DANCE! Have you forgotten the essence of who you are? The skies are awaiting your movements! […]

The Inner World · 12. November 2017
E N E R G Y . P A I N T I N G . «The storms within you - woman, dare to let go and fly!» Born Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2017 «Woman, you let yourself confuse so easily. Stand your ground. Show yourself. Speak your truth. There is no one else out there with your uniqueness. So why in Heaven’s sake, do you fear of being yourself? So woman, dare to finally let go and allow yourself to fly the flight of your soul.»

The Inner World · 29. September 2017
TODAY'S PAINTING helps us to understand those inner layers, helps us to see those excavation trips we had. TODAY'S PAINTING is a representation of OUR JOURNEY TO OURSELVES. May you SEE with this painting your inner journey. And may you SEE with this painting the amazingness of that adventure, your soul called you to follow.

The Inner World · 11. September 2017
Today’s painting is called «Reconnect» and speaks of the reconnecting process that we all need to go through again and again. Especially after an intense period of releasing and healing - like in the past weeks and months - it is an absolutely crucial part of the transformation process. It is that part of the process that brings us sustainability.

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