VLOG · 03. March 2020
D R I V I N G . A W A Y . F R O M . T H E . S U N S E T . 🚗 Join me and mr. boyfriend, while we are driving back home from our trip to the Luzerner Hinterland here in Switzerland (where we spend an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. with driving a racing car 🏎💨😍 - so subscribe to follow the journey) - and where we were followed by a breathtaking sunset 🌇😍🚗

VLOG · 12. January 2020
B I R T H D A Y . O R C H I D . H A U L . Turn the volume up and dance with me through an endless sea of orchids! End November 2019 was my Birthday 🎉🎁💝👑 and my wish was to spend a day in one of my favorite places in Switzerland 😍

A RELAXING NEW YEAR'S EVE - or How We Meditate
VLOG · 05. January 2020
Happy Relaxing New Year 2020 to all of you 🎉🤗🎉 In this video we continue our calm and relaxing way of ending 2019. We still have some cleaning to do and the annual waterbed maintenance, but despite of that, we manage to finish everything before the fireworks started @ 00.00 h 🤗 Come with us, as we get ready to enter 2020 and welcome it with fireworks and kisses & laughter the New Year ✨🤗❤️✨

VLOG · 03. January 2020
N E W . Y E AR ' S . E VE . 2 0 1 9 . - P A R T . 1 . 🤗 New Year's Eve or the 31.12. of every year - at least in our area of the world - is one of those days that has almost a 100% potential of making us feel bad, sad and/or lost - if you follow what the Outer World makes you believe is necessary for that specific day 🤔

VLOG · 29. December 2019
H A P P Y . B I R T H D A Y . 2 0 1 9 . Birthday 2019 has been THE best birthday I have ever had - truly true. My wish for the upcoming birthday weekend was simple: To spend one day at one of my favorite places here in Switzerland. And so we went 🤗🚗🌺

VLOG · 26. December 2019
MERRY RELAXING CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU 🤗 After being away from Social Media for more than two years - including any active interaction with the so called Outer World, this video represents my come back. And so, with this Blog Post I am wishing you all a tranquil, relaxing and calm Christmas and enjoyable Festive Days 🤗

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