VLOG · 03. March 2020
D R I V I N G . A W A Y . F R O M . T H E . S U N S E T . 🚗 Join me and mr. boyfriend, while we are driving back home from our trip to the Luzerner Hinterland here in Switzerland (where we spend an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. with driving a racing car 🏎💨😍 - so subscribe to follow the journey) - and where we were followed by a breathtaking sunset 🌇😍🚗

VLOG · 12. January 2020
B I R T H D A Y . O R C H I D . H A U L . Turn the volume up and dance with me through an endless sea of orchids! End November 2019 was my Birthday 🎉🎁💝👑 and my wish was to spend a day in one of my favorite places in Switzerland 😍

VLOG · 05. January 2020
N E W . Y E AR ' S . E VE . 2 0 1 9 . - P A R T . 2 . Or: How we meditate 🤗 And by «we» I mean me and mr. boyfriend. We surely look funny while doing our daily 12 min. TM (= Transcendental Meditation), which I actually have meanwhile transformed in my daily 20 min. Power Napping 😂

VLOG · 03. January 2020
N E W . Y E AR ' S . E VE . 2 0 1 9 . - P A R T . 1 . 🤗 New Year's Eve or the 31.12. of every year - at least in our area of the world - is one of those days that has almost a 100% potential of making us feel bad, sad and/or lost - if you follow what the Outer World makes you believe is necessary for that specific day 🤔

VLOG · 29. December 2019
H A P P Y . B I R T H D A Y . 2 0 1 9 . Birthday 2019 has been THE best birthday I have ever had - truly true. My wish for the upcoming birthday weekend was simple: To spend one day at one of my favorite places here in Switzerland. And so we went 🤗🚗🌺

VLOG · 26. December 2019
H E L L O . A N D . Y E S . I . A M . B A C K . After being away from Social Media for more than two years - including any active interaction with the so called Outer World, this video represents my come back 🤗 And so, with this video I am wishing you all a tranquil, relaxing and calm Christmas and enjoyable Festive Days (and life 😉).

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