enhance your self-  discovery journey

and learn to explore  your Inner World

WHAT IS E-course
For inner exploration?


E-COURSE is a 14 weeks online training course full of colorful art, soul touching poems and intuitive exercises created for human beings on their personal self-discovery journey who want to learn to explore their Inner World and create and establish a more nourishing Life.


E-COURSE is beautifully designed, has an easy to follow set up, an exquisite selection of one of a kind original artwork and poems and, a worldwide one of a kind self-selective and non-intrusive approach created to help learn to explore the Inner World in a gentle, fun and intuitive way.


E-COURSE goal is to bring your personal self-discovery journey on a deeper level by equipping you with a tool set enables you to create a nourishing everyday life so that you can not only easily open up to the beauty and uniqueness of your Inner World but also learn to explore your unique Inner Landscapes.



E-COURSE starts with the preparation & foundation module, where you'll learn to set up your everyday life in such a way that you actually can fully emerge into the studying and exploring of your Inner World - safe and nourished.


E-COURSE consists of fourteen Inner World Studies, each with its own original artwork and its written translation plus a set of exercises to actually work with that specific Inner Landscapes represented by the original painting.


E-COURSE guides you every week through a specific Inner World Study. You can choose between the intuitive approach by choosing every week the painting that is calling you the most. Or you can choose the linear path and start with Inner World Study #1 and work yourself through every single following study till to Inner World Study #14.


E-COURSE's fee is a one-time payment of $222, with lifetime access - provided that the email address you used for your registration is till valid and, that the course still exists.

E-course for inner exploration? 



YOU are on your personal, unique self-discovery journey + want to deepen your Inner Journey.


YOU are on your personal, unique self-discovery journey + want to learn to explore your Inner World.


YOU are on your personal, unique self-discovery journey + want to learn to explore your Inner Mechanisms.


YOU are on your unique self-discovery journey + want to learn how to have a more Nourishing Life.




YOU are an aesthete, who loves colors and art and, who has a natural approach to creativity and beauty.


YOU are very intuitive and see, feel and perceive a lot and, you have a natural longing for self-care.


YOU are an eager and hungry student and dislike the rigid, traditional cold and lifeless ways of teaching.


YOU are a warm, gentle soul that often feels saddened about the darkness in this world.

WHO TEACHES E-course for inner exploration? 



I, Veronica Trombini am the founder and creator of the entire E-Course for Inner Exploration and I'll be your guide, teacher and travel companion on this training course.


You've come to the best.

Don't give me that look now.

Yes, I am the best at what I do.


There is no other being like me out there and my deep and natural understanding of the Inner World is truly unique (you should look at all the Inner World paintings I've created... THAT is truly one of a kind. Get a glimpse here).


And it's the best you should have on your side, if you decide to travel to the Inner World.


E.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. Inner Landscape I've painted I've also explored, researched and traveled. 

So, I know exactly what I'm talking, what I'm doing, what I'm offering.


If you choose to travel the Inner World, you need the best.

The Inner World is for the most of us unchartered land.


So you need a guide - someone who's actually traveled those lands.


And, I've been there.

And, I've charted the area.

And, I've painted it.

And, I've translated it.

And, I am living it!


And now I am ready to take you with me.

In those for you unknown areas of the Inner World.


To help you not only entering the Inner World, but actually also explore it.

To help you not only exploring the Inner World, but actually also have a more nourishing life.


Cause what does it serve you to explore your Inner World, if you can't keep up with your earthly life.

Cause what does it serve you to research your Inner Mechanisms, if your everyday life is a mess.


If you choose to travel the Inner World, you need the best.

The Inner World is a sacred place - in where we're in pursuit of the most sacred jewel of all.

Your Inner Being.

Your Soul.


If you choose to travel the Inner World, you need the best.

I am straight forward. And clear.

Well organized and structured.

Blessed with a gorgeous creativity.

And a unique view and understanding of the Inner World.


I'm a full fledged human being fully living its own human life experience in this physical realm.

I love cheese and butter and liver sausage.

I sleep. And fart. And eat. And laugh. And cry. A lot. Or not.

I have belly rolls. And very hairy legs if I don't shave them.

I have curls that I am finally able to fully unleash.

I am full of Life. And I hate assholes.

I am the happiest when creating.

I am the most beautiful when dancing.

I am the strongest when living my Truth.

I am the most furious when experiencing abuse and deception.

I don't take bullshit. Nor do I accept it in my vicinity.


What I say, is what I think. And what I think, is what I say.


THIS is why I've come into this realm.

THIS is why I've been created.


And there is only that much time to get the work done.


So, I am going to do my job right.


And if that suits you, then be my guest and then my student.

And then, let's establish a more nourishing life.

And then, let's travel to your Inner World.

And then, let's explore those unknown Inner Landscapes of yours.


And then, may you come alive again.

And then, may you shine again.

And then, may you be the blessing you were created to be.


If that doesn't suit you, well, then bye.

And go bake a cake.

Or water your plants.

Or punch your pillow.

Or cuddle with your cat.

Or call your granny.

Or clean your toilet.

Or whatever.


Just don't be(come) an asshole.

That would be a waste of your life energies.

And pollute the air, the field and everything and everybody around you.


May you be blessed whatever path you choose.




Well, at the latest in 48 hours from the moment you clicked on that payment button.

Cause I need time to process your registration.


Cause I'm the one at the front but also behind the scenes.

Cause I'm the one creating every single artwork, but also the one checking and managing my emails.

Cause I'm the one writing every single word on this homepage, but also the one doing the book-keeping.

Cause I'm the one writing on my E-School, but also the one who sees if your payment came in.


So thank you for allowing 48 hours to process your registration.


After your payment has been processed, you'll receive an email from me.

An email with every single information that you'll need to actually get started with E-Course for Inner ExplorationLike for example the link for the entry door to the online course. Like for example the password which will give you access to the password-protected area here on my homepage.




If you want to enroll now.

You enroll now.

If you don't want to enroll now.

You don't enroll now.

If you want to enroll later.

You enroll later.


That disgusting scarcity "marketing" strategy that uses manipulation to force you to enroll now because "... we only open once a year", well THAT shit ain't happening here. 


In my opinion, NOT making knowledge available for 24/7 is a crime against humanity and Life itself.

ESPECIALLY in these pandemic, world war shitty times with almost the entire world having access to Internet.




The doors at E-Course for Inner Exploration stay open.




And from the moment you've enrolled, you're enrolled.

Like for life. Cause you get lifetime access.

As long the email address you used for your registration is still valid and the course actually still exists.




The online course is here.

I am here.


It's up to you now,

if you're also here.



E-Course for Inner Exploration

    14 weeks Online Training Course   

    Preparation and Foundation Module

   Lifetime Access

14 day moneyback

My 14 Day guarantee


Listen, your time and money is precious.

My time and money is precious.

So let's use both wisely.


If after enrolling and working on the training course, you feel "argh, nope, this doesn't feel right for me" submit your completed coursework of the Preparation & Foundation Modules and of one Inner World Study within 14 days and I'll refund 100% of your tuition.


I know, that if you do the work, you'll get wonderful, nourishing benefits from E-Course for Inner Exploration. But hey, if it doesn't feel right for you, it doesn't feel right for you.


So try the training course out and if it isn't for you, then nothing is lost. Just pay attention to the deadline. The refund eligibility has a firm deadline.



Well, that's a tricky one. Most of the times I give a shit what other people say. I follow my path. I follow my Inner Guidance. I do what feels right to me. I live my life the way it feels truthful to me. Cause if I'm true to myself, I'm at peace with myself. And if I'm at peace with myself, ONLY THEN I'm a blessing for this world.


And THAT'S what I'm actually trying to teach you: What feels right to YOU? What is it that YOU need? What is that YOU want? So that you may become the blessing you were born to be.


So within all this, what actually other people say, is really non of my business.


So WHY do I have a section all dedicated to "what other people say"?!?!


Cause, I've come to experience that the Inner World artwork and their translations I'm called to paint and write, have their very own way to speak to the viewer - and THAT'S worth sharing.


Cause, it's also mind-boggling to me (till this day actually!) the beauty, the knowledge, the wisdom that lies within those amazing colorful paintings with their written translations - and THAT'S worth sharing.


Cause, the paintings and their wisdom came for the people, to be experienced by people - and THAT'S worth sharing.


Therefore. I've collected some of the feedbacks   I got from all over the world, when I was giving my work for free back in the old days (yay, those old times!). And if you want to read more people's experiences and colorful artwork, go here.



As much I love to write, paint, dive into the Inner World and extract the most awesome content for you and myself, I also need to put in writing some legal aspects of how you and I are going to work together in the possible near future, IF you decide to enroll in this trainings course - this, besides to all the informations shared here on this page.



So before you jump to the next chapter - which is the actual enrollment - read the Polices & Health Disclaimer of E-Course of Inner Exploration.


This aspect is important as it states and clarifies what actually happens legally if you and I decide to actually exchange goods - in this case, my trainings course versus your money. And this clarification is important so that you and I not only FEEL but actually ARE safe.



So again:

Your time and money is precious.

My time and money is precious.

So let's use both wisely.


Read the Polices & Health Disclaimer of E-Course of Inner Exploration before you enroll in this training coursecause by pushing that ↓ payment button, you're stating that you actually have read them.


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⭐️ may you come alive again 🌱

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