what is e-school?

E-SCHOOL is an ongoing and continuously growing online school consisting of three study programs created to help you explore, research and travel the Inner World with its unique Inner Landscapes and its Inner Structures & Mechanism. Colors, paint, written translations of the original paintings - using art to make the Inner Landscapes visible and translating their meaning and messages into written poems is what makes E-School worldwide unique. E-School's whole purpose is to help you (and me) to the recover the Inner Self. E-School's goal is to find the Soul within.


E-SCHOOL has an worldwide absolutely incomparable unique library with one of a kind painted Inner World original artwork - Inner Landscapes made visible with paint and colors, including their mind-boggling insights regarding the Inner Structures & Mechanisms, giving you an one of a kind, beautiful and loving roadmap to your Inner Self. E-School offers as well developed and curated Inner Journeys with specific topics to help you recover and express that specific part of your Inner Self.


E-SCHOOL is beautifully designed, has an easy to follow set up and within the vast abundance of Inner World original artwork your Soul will finally be seen. E-School's one of a kind self-selective and non-intrusive approach to explore, research and travel the Inner World is furthermore cutting edge and an absolute joy to learn and work with. In addition, E-School offers you constantly new cutting edge content - throughout the year as well as every single year - as the content available within the Inner World is immense and demands to be shared.


how does e-school work?

E-SCHOOL consists of three online study programs:

  1. E-School Basic - Inner Exploration
  2. E-School Advanced - Inner Landscapes
  3. E-School Intensive - Inner Journeys

The recommend entry point for every student is E-School Basic. In here you'll be able to start exploring the Inner World in a very gentle, beautiful way and become familiar with the method I've created: Using art to make the Inner Landscapes visible and translating their meaning and messages into written poems. It's in E-School Basic where you will create the foundation needed to get the outmost of the content offered at E-School Advanced and E-School Intensive.


E-School Advanced is your Online GPS for the Inner World. In here you'll find a vast online library full with many, many, really many Inner Landscapes original artwork with the purpose to offer you an "Online GPS", which you can use like a map to help you understand where you're currently within yourself and what topics are currently on so that you can navigate better through your Life and enhance your Life experience.


E-School Intensive is your Unique Travel Agency to the Inner World. In here you'll find developed and curated Inner Journeys with specific topics to help you recover and express that specific part of your Inner Self. This is where the big stuff happens. This is where the tough topics are tackled. This is where THAT specific shit-topic that has been bugging you for aeons is finally addressed and transformed. A great place to be, but not the easiest.


Furthermore, E-School is also an ongoing and continuously growing online school. That means, that all three online study programs - E-School Basic, E-School Advanced and E-School Intensive - are regularly updated throughout the year, every single year. In the past seven years I've extracted 20 boxes of Inner Landscapes paintings plus I am constantly called to dive into even more different topics and areas of the Inner World. So there is A TON of content that wants to be shared and therefore all three pillars are regularly updated.


What brings me to the next important point. Because of that¬†‚ÜϬ†E-School's fee is annual. That means once you've decided to join and entered E-School you're fully in for 365 days. Within your year you've access to all the content - yes, you've access to all three study programs¬†plus to all the new content that is constantly added throughout¬†the¬†year your in E-School.¬†Voil√†.

who should take
veronica's e-school? 



YOU are on your personal, unique self-discovery journey and you long to recover the sweetness, the joy, that spark of Life. You're deep and intensive and courageous and yet somehow lost. You long to remember and fully own Your Truth. You've a natural approach to Life and what is right and not, and yet you're Life experience hasn't been easy in this physical realm. You experience this physical plane as heavy and slow and in many ways as bogus. You long to reconnect with what for aeons has been and always will be. You long to fully blossom into who you truly are. You long to be the blessing you've been created to be. You long for the Source within you. You long for Your Soul. You long for your Inner Self.


YOU love-love to learn and you're constantly searching and researching cutting edge material that helps you understand yourself, this world and what lies beyond. You love Truth and digging into the different layers of existence is what fascinates and satisfies you. And even though humans irritate you most of the time, studying those human Inner Mechanisms and Structures gives you great pleasure and makes you feel safe in this strange, harsh physical realm. You love books, the Internet and libraries as sources of knowledge, yet, you wished everything would be offered in a more fun-fun, more colorful, more beautiful designed way.


YOU are an aesthete, love colors and art and have a natural approach to creativity and beauty. You understand that everything is energy and you're very intuitive. You see, feel and perceive a lot, yet you often feel overwhelmed with all the impressions you're getting. Taking care of your well-being is therefore essential for you. You have an alert and sharp mind and as an eager and hungry student you perceive the rigid and traditional cold ways of teaching as prehistoric. You know: There is another way! Learning/teaching should be fun, warm, beautiful and respect you as the unique human being and eager student you are.

who teaches e-school? 



I, Veronica Trombini am the founder and creator of the entire E-School and I'll be your guide, teacher and travel companion on your Personal Journey to your Inner Self here at E-School.


You've come to the best.

Don't give me that look now.

Yes, I am the best at what I do.

There is no other being like me out there and my deep and natural understanding of the Inner World is truly unique (you should look at all the Inner World paintings I've created... THAT is truly one of a kind. Get a glimpse here).

And the best you should have on your side if you decide to dare to travel to the Inner World.


Every single piece of the Inner World I'm offering at E-School is a piece of my Soul.

E.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. Inner Landscape I've painted I've also explored, researched and traveled.

And as I mentioned above, in the past seven years I've extracted 20 boxes of Inner World artwork.


That's a lot.

A lot of years.

A lot of boxes.

A lot of paintings.


So, I know exactly what I am talking.

So, I know exactly what I am doing.

So, I know exactly what I am offering.


I've been there.

I've charted that area.

I've painted it.

I've translated it.

I am living it!


And now I am ready to take you with me.

In those for you unknown areas of the Inner World.

In those for you unknown waters of your Soul.

In a gentle and unique but very transformational way.


I am straight forward. And clear.

Well organized and structured.

Blessed with a gorgeous creativity.

And an unique view and understanding of the Inner World.


I love cheese and butter and liver sausage.

I sleep. And fart. And eat. And laugh. And cry. A lot. Or not.

I have belly rolls. And very hairy legs if I don't shave them.

I have curls that I am finally able to fully unleash.

I am full of Life. And I hate assholes.

I am the happiest when creating.

I am the most beautiful when dancing.

I am the strongest when living my Truth.

I don't take bullshit. Nor do I accept it in my vicinity.


What I say, is what I think. And what I think, is what I say.


If you choose to travel to the Inner World, you need that.

Clarity. Experience. Integrity. Leadership. Depth.

The Inner World is a sacred place.

And within there, we're in pursuit of the most sacred jewel of all.

Your Inner Being.

Your Soul.


So, no.

No time and space for fucking vanity.

No time and space for shitty attitude.


This time-space-reality is very short.

I've been on this plane already for four decades.

At its best I've another four to five decades.


So there is only that much time to get the work done.


And THIS is why I've come into this realm.

And THIS is why I've been created.


So, I am going to do my job right.

And if that suits you, then be my guest and then my student.

And then lets find your Unique Spark of Life.

And then come alive again.

And then shine again.

And then, be the blessing you were created to be.



If that doesn't suit you, well then Bye.

Go bake a cake.

Or water your plants.

Or punch your pillow.

Or cuddle with your cat.

Or whatever.


May you find your way.

And be blessed whatever path you choose.

when does e-school start?


I'm currently in the process of getting ready to open the doors and then the doors will stay open. Ha!


Cause in my opinion, NOT making knowledge available for 24/7 is a crime against humanity and Life itself. ESPECIALLY in these pandemic and online times we're living. Therefore, from the moment I open the doors at E-School, the doors stay open.


That disgusting scarcity "marketing" strategy that uses manipulation to force you to enroll now because "... we only open once a year", well THAT shit ain't happening here. 


If you want to enroll now.

You enroll now.

If you don't want to enroll now.

You don't enroll now.

If you want to enroll later.

You enroll later.


As said, from the moment I'm opening the doors to E-School, the doors stay open.

For as long as the program exists.


The schools are here.

I am here.


It's now up to you,

if you're also here.

what's the investment?


E-School Basic - Your Bootcamp for the Inner World


E-School Advanced - Your GPS for the Inner World


E-School Intensive - Your Travel Agency for the Inner World


All the content that is added throughout your year at E-School


Investment: $2'222 per year (one payment)

‚ÜstSTART the journey to your self now¬†‚Üď


your bootcamp for the inner world

e-school advanced

your travel agency for the inner world

¬ęEXtraordinarily beautiful.
deep impact. incomparable insights.
transformational. WORLDWIDE UNIQUE.

gorgeous artworks. Key life topics.
easy to follow set up.
cutting edge.¬Ľ

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