investing in our world.
creating a more conscious world.


E-SCHOOL - THE Gym for your Emotions!





If one of «smallest» of our actions - like a breath that regularly happens on an unconscious way  - can create an entire existence for us and therefore for the people around us, imagine how huge our impact is, when we consciously start to fully respond to OURSELVES => 😳💥😮 *mindblowing*


YOU really, really, like r.e.a.l.l.y. matter.

YOU sooo matter.


That Life Spark within you is through the entire Galaxies ONE OF A KIND.


Your Inner World, your Inner Landscapes are UNIQUE.


No one in the entire Existence sees, feels, perceives the World in YOUR WAY.


So heck, yes, you really matter 


And heck, it's more than time, that you EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS


It's more than time, that you FULLY RESPOND TO YOURSELF -


and that you dare to explore








With your purchase of E-School you state

that YOU, your UNIQUENESS, your AWARENESS, your INNER WORLD - that YOU matter.


With your enrollment in E-School you state

that becoming more RESPONSIVE and therefore more CONSCIOUS is the way to go.


And the world needs THIS so, so, sooo much ♥ Therefore, when you invest in the exploration and discovery of your Inner World through my E-School, you're creating an e.s.s.e.n.t.i.a.l. change in the world. 


YOU make it possible that an E-School actually exists, that the research and exploration of the Inner World becomes a tangible fact, that I can continue to build a bridge between the Inner and the Outer World. Your purchase ensures that the Inner World, the Inner Landscapes, that responding to the Life within, that going within and encountering ourselves, that we are more than just a physical body, that needs to be fed, moved and rested are reintegrated back into this world.


And so, to honor your courageous decision of investing in yourself, of wanting to explore your Inner World, to look at your Inner Landscapes, I have decided to take some of that beautiful energy you are bringing in and use it to create even more change in this world:



With your enrollment in E-School

you create a more conscious World.


With your tuition of E-School
we create together a more beautiful World.



With the purchase of your E-School tuition you therefore support national as well as international projects on protection, education and empowerment. Currently I invest 2.5% of your E-School tuition and of each sold artwork in the following projects 




Isha Foundation


Trees for Life

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation


Our time here on Earth is limited. And even though we are eternal beings, this specific life is limited. Let's not waste anymore time nor energies. Remember, even the smallest of our actions causes ripples in the world - therefore let's only do things that make our heart sing, let's only speak words that come from within, let's only invest our life energies in ideas, things, people, dreams, businesses, projects that are close to our heart and that nourish ourselves as well as the world - and if sh*** comes along our journey, let's take it, transform it into compost and use it to create a beautiful world :-)



And so, together we create a beautiful, more conscious world.


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