Let me first tell you, how much I hate weekly newsletters 😫


deeply and completely

despise weekly newsletters -

and cluttered mailboxes.


I really do.





As if Life and the Creative Process could be squeezed into a weekly structure!

As if I could be squeezed into a weekly structure!



That's not what Life is.

That's not how the Stream of Life works.

That's not who I am.


Listen, I am not here to do occupational therapy - 

nor to entertain every week some souls who haven't yet figured out

how to use this short life time we've been given.

Nor to position myself as THE expert who knows it all and has therefore

the need to fatten your mailbox like an addict.



I am here to be me.

So are you.


I am precious.

So are you.


My life is short.

So is yours.



I hate wasting.


And above all.

I hate wasting life energies.



Let's not waste your nor my most precious resource:

Life + Energies + Time.


Let's use your and my life energies and this short time

we have as a human being as effective as possible.


I, for example, have a ton of Inner World Explorations to do

and a ton of Inner Landscapes to bring forth -

and, to make them available at Free-School and E-School.


So that you can look at your Inner Landscapes.


So that you can transform those nagging life key topics

that have been bugging you for an eternity.


So that you can support your Life Stream to flow again. 



So that you can recover and express your Inner Self -

and come fully alive.



And finally rise.




Neither you nor I have time to waste.


This life-human-thing here is a fucking significant thing.

If we don't get the shit done that we've agreed to do,

we end up having to come again and do this shit AGAIN.

And again.

And again.

Till we get it.



am I doing this AGAIN.

And again. And again.


I am absolutely planning to rise to the next level.

Every single fiber of my being is devoted to that.


And if you are here, reading this,

well, then you seem to vibrate on a similar level.

If not, well, go find another homepage.


This page is for committed Life explorers.

This page is for dedicated Life seekers.

This page is devoted to Life and its Creative Process.




This  requires a high level of discipline and nurturing.

This  requires a high level of focus and an exceptional ability to hear, listen and follow inspiration.

This ↗ requires full attention, presence and devotion.

This ↗ requires ALL of me.


THIS ↗ is what I've come to do.


So heck, I definitely ain't time to entertain anyone out there.


There are only THREE reasons

why joining my Mailing List makes sense for both of us:


You're willing to learn.

You're willing to explore.

You're willing to live.



I want real connections.

Real, warm, gentle, self-reliant, eager to learn

peeps, who are really interested

to go inward and do the fucking Inner Work -

and transform those Inner Landscapes so that their Life Stream can flow again.


I want peeps, who are interested in realness -

and not in a fabricated, entertainment focused world.


Therefore. No.

I'm not offering weekly newsletters with my mailing list.




If I've something to share - I share.

If I've not something to share - I am not sharing.


I am real.

So you're getting real mails, in real time, with real life content.

Hot and fresh from the base.

And NO prefabricated emails,

prepped I don't know when.



And so, sometimes, this might be a quick and short email on a late Tuesday night.

Sometimes, this might be long, intense email with lots and lots of content

two months later on a very early Sunday morning.

Sometimes you won't hear from me in weeeeeks.

Sometimes you'll get an email everyday.


And in the meantime,

you're either exploring and enjoying your Life

and/or working on the abundant content I'm offering at my Blog

and/or at my Free-School for Inner Exploration

and/or at my E-School for Recovering & Expressing your Inner Self.




   So, if you're subscribing to my   

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that's what you're getting 


new blog post

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new free-school episode

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new E-SCHOOL course

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when a new E-School module/course is born.


Resp. when E-School opens its doors

(I am sooo ready to deliver this baby! 😩 


happens CA. 1 - 6 TIMES PER year



E-SCHOOL COnditions


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💌 A rare! email from moi 🙋🏻

when there are really fun, hot and/or transformational

news from the base!



happens ca. 0 - 3 times per year


insider insights

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when there are insider insights.


Being an artist AND an entrepreneur AND being the creator of two online schools is quite the adventure -

my self-multiplying white hairs are proof, yay! 😜


happens CA. 0 - 3 TIMES PER YEAR

new products in my shop

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