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why a «support me» page?


Well, why not? 😃 I'm doing great work and everything that I've been offering doing and offering till now has been for free. So why not change the script and ask now for money?


Let me give you a bit more content. So. What you see here on my homepage is the essence of eight years of intensive living & extensive exploration and research of the Inner World. When I started this one of a kind journey back in May 2014 I had no idea that what had started with an internal report toward two bosses because of sexual harrasment and mobbing - which brought me by the way being kicked out of my job and ending a 20 year career as executive assistant - would actually be the beginning of an one of a kind journey that from the beginning was meant to bring forth an online school for exploring, researching and recovering the Inner Self - my E-School's - The Journey to your Inner Self.


And heck, I really mean it. I a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y. had no idea. I just followed the breadcrumbs. And then more breadcrumbs. And then more breadcrumbs. And the years went by. And today it's September 2022 and I'm writing what you're reading right now. Yep, the past years were a hell of a ride. And now I'm tired.


Cause besides of bringing forth twenty boxes of Inner World artwork with over thousand of Inner Landscapes paintings - the actual base and core of E-School - I also dedicated the past many, many, really many years in learning, exploring and researching dance & movement therapy, massage therapy, web design, photography & videography, property money & investment, alternative & sustainable living and building, interior design, online business, blogging, e-commerce, social media and, entrepreneurship. Plus coming together with Martin AND living together AND working on every single layer our relationship brought with her AND bringing two puppies into our lives, WHILE also giving birth to what you now know as E-School's - The Journey to your Inner Self.


Every lesson, every course, every topic, every adventure I was called to look closer at it, I paid from my own pocket and when things got tight, I also took a loan. Now years have passed. What needed to be looked at, I've looked at. What needed to be learned, I've learned. What needed to be created, I've created. And finally, what needed to come forth, I've brought forth. E-School is here. And yes, I'm tired.


And now, that I KNOW what I'm doing, now that all what I've learned, explored, researched, discovered has become a tangible «thing», NOW I'm ready to open myself for support - and yes, also financial support. And THAT'S the reason, why this page exists. NOW that E-School isn't anymore a bunch of some fucking amazing paintings nor a feeling nor many, really many intense years, NOW that E-School is an actual online school AND I'm about to finish my very first online course, NOW I'm open for money coming to me in creative ways - and I'm asking you therefore,  why not in form of donations?


And it's a fact: The 20 boxes of Inner World paintings ALL NEED to be converted into online courses. The paintings and their messages DEMAND to be shared with the world - and I absolutely agree. And  yep, that's what I'm going to do the next 40 to 50 years. THIS is my life's work. THIS is what I've come to do. THIS is why I'm here.


And if you want to be part of this one of a kind journey of not only bringing forth into this world an one of a kind online school that is dedicated to explore, research AND recover the Inner Self but also helping her to actually take roots AND grow into a wonderful, strong and grounded institution, then I'm offering you with this donation page an additional way of being part of this unique journey.


And yes, of course, you still can support me by either Becoming an Insider and joining my mailing list and/or buying a book or an article through my Online Shop and/or getting on my Waiting List for E-School or later by actually enrolling in E-School's first online course.


So. If what you've seen on my homepage and what you've just read here is of your liking, then here the donation options 


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🟠   Focused Work over 2, 4, 6, 8 Weeks on next Online Course



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🟠  Creating Basic Structure for next Online Course

🟠   Creating Basic Design for next Online Course

🟠   Creating a (YouTube) Video




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🟠  Decluttering Computer & Photo Library

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