about the company



Is a sole proprietorship founded by me - Veronica -

in February 2015 and is based in Zürich, Switzerland and is the legal home

of my Online School E-School's - The Journey to your Inner Self.




MY job


Is to bring forth the information from the Inner 🌕 World

into this realm in a tangible way and make that information accessible to you.

And that tangible way happens to be painting layers of colors (becoming artwork)

and writing words and sentences (becoming poems)





MY intention


Is to explore, research and charter the Inner World 🛵⛵️🛰🔭🌕🌌🌍

express my Inner Self 🎨📝🪴🧶🍰🥗🎼🛵💃🏻

and create a nourishing & amazing human life experience

for myself & my loved ones





Is to be your accompany you on your Journey to your Inner Self,

 be your guide for the Inner World 🙋🏻‍♀️🌕🌌🌍🔭

and support you create a nourishing human life experience

for yourself & your loved ones






MY vision

Is a world where every human being

is aligned with her/his Inner Self 💖💫🌳

and lives a nourishing human life experience 🥳🌟💖🚀




MY contribution


I've created E-School's - The Journey to your Inner Self 

an one of a kind online school for exploring, researching and

traveling the Inner World - a beautiful place full of gorgeous

paintings, vibrant colors, touching poems and unique insights

from the Inner World. All created to support you on your unique

Journey to your Self and with the intention of helping you

recover your Inner Self and create a good

nourishing human life experience




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