Are you truly alive? Or have you become a stiffened carrot?

Yes? 🥹

Then congratulations 🎉

you landed  🚁 in the right place 🌍

Hi, I am Veronica. I'm a gorgeously lively Human Being passionately devoted to Life and to the Creative Process.

And if you're longing 🥹

to become the fullest 🌺

and best expression 🌟

of your Essential Core 💎

I can be of service 💖

Veronica Trombini

My job is to bring forth 🌈

the information from the Inner World 🌕

into this realm 🌍

in a tangible way 🎨

 and make that information 📝

accessible to those who're seeking support 💫

on their Inner Journey 🏞 

I therefore created an Online School 👩🏻‍💻

to have a safe space 💖 to explore & research 🔭

the Inner World 🌕 for all who are longing 💫

to learn and grow 🌳 in order to become the fullest 🌺

and best expression 🌟 of their Essential Core 💎 

Check out E-School's Online Courses & Programs 👩🏻‍💻

and learn how you can explore 🚀 your Inner World 🌕

and be supported 💖 on your Inner Journey 🏞

from the comfort of your home  🛋

you matter

 🌟 Sign up for my Explorer Letter 🌟

and be seen and supported on

your unique Journey to your Self


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