Conversations.with.Source.Energy · 12. November 2017
P A I N T E D . E N E R G Y . M E S S A G E S . «The storms within you - Woman, dare to let go and fly!» Born Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2017 «Woman, you let yourself confuse so easily. Stand your ground. Show yourself. Speak your truth. There is no one else out there with your uniqueness. So why in Heaven’s sake, do you fear of being yourself? So woman, dare to finally let go and allow yourself to fly the flight of your soul.»

Conversations.with.Source.Energy · 27. October 2017
P A I N T E D . E N E R G Y . M E S S A G E S . «Dissolving the old, allowing the new.» Born Oct. 23 - 29, 2017 «The old has been dissolved. Long and harsh the journey has been. Challenging and sometimes stressful it felt. But following the steps of our soul’s calling, necessary it was. Though necessary it was, in order to open the portal to the new. Yes, fruitful the result will be.»

29. September 2017
TODAY'S PAINTING helps us to understand those inner layers, helps us to see those excavation trips we had. TODAY'S PAINTING is a representation of OUR JOURNEY TO OURSELVES. May you SEE with this painting your inner journey. And may you SEE with this painting the amazingness of that adventure, your soul called you to follow.

11. September 2017
Today’s painting is called «Reconnect» and speaks of the reconnecting process that we all need to go through again and again. Especially after an intense period of releasing and healing - like in the past weeks and months - it is an absolutely crucial part of the transformation process. It is that part of the process that brings us sustainability.

08. September 2017
One of the BIG LEARNINGS of the past, very intense, very challenging weeks, months, first years of my entrepreneurial journey and especially of the past weeks, where the energy brought actually EVERYTHING up, that is NOT serving us anymore, is: NO MORE HIDING.

07. September 2017
Today’s painting is called «Caribbean Beach» and it speaks of long walks on the warm beach, of warm and kind people, of a sorrow free life - of the life of our DREAMS ♥

06. September 2017
Today's painting speaks of «SEEING AND HAVING THE SUN IN THE DARK FOREST». Well, actually the exact title of this beauty is «Forest in the Sun» ;-) You know those magical, early moments in the forest – especially in autumn - where everything is still very calm, sleepy and where the light is almost there but not yet completely, and SUDDENLY the sun rises and EVERYTHING is bathed in golden light?

05. September 2017
As Etsy has been a very important part of my entrepreneurial journey and has been - in the past weeks - part of my BIG revamping project here @ my business, I have decided to dedicate my very first article here on my Blog to «WHY, I said Bye Bye to Etsy» a couple of weeks ago.