Orchids & Plants · 10. September 2020
S M A L L . A N D . Y O U N G . P L A N T S | 15 easy to care house plants for small spaces🌱 Here a fine selection of 15 easy to care small and young house plants, which are ideal for small spaces and I ALSO find beautiful and unique looking.

Inner Exploration · 09. July 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Far away you had to travel. Far away you have been. […]»

Inner Exploration · 02. July 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Sweeping storms will come. Sweeping storms already here. Cleansing the pus within. […]»

Inner Exploration · 25. June 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Dear. Your heartbeat is calling you. Feel it. Sense it. Listen to it. […]»

Inner Exploration · 11. June 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Soul. The veil is lifting. See through. The center is clarity. […]»

Inner Exploration · 19. May 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «The call of the sirens. The blessing of the sea. The turmoil has been settled. Breathe. […]»

Inner Exploration · 28. April 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «Why, why, WHY? Why do you keep choosing hell over and over again? Why do you keep choosing inner death? […]

VLOG · 03. March 2020
D R I V I N G . A W A Y . F R O M . T H E . S U N S E T . 🚗 Join me and mr. boyfriend, while we are driving back home from our trip to the Luzerner Hinterland here in Switzerland (where we spend an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. with driving a racing car 🏎💨😍 - so subscribe to follow the journey) - and where we were followed by a breathtaking sunset 🌇😍🚗

Orchids & Plants · 26. February 2020
B L O O M I N G . O R C H I D S . 🌺 Turn the volume up and come with me on my orchid house tour #2 and dive into the gorgeousness of my blooming orchids of December 2019 while enjoying some beautiful and relaxing music 🤗😘😊

Inner Exploration · 31. January 2020
T H E . I N N E R . W O R L D . «WOMAN, where have you been? Dare to go within! Explore yourself! And by God, DANCE! Have you forgotten the essence of who you are? The skies are awaiting your movements! […]

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