Take A Break聽路聽24. January 2020
T A K E . A . B R E A K . This video was born while me lying in bed with a tremendous flu/bronchitis and sooo suffering with the freaking cold and foggy winter weather (I mean, who the heck invented winter anyways?!馃槴). And in order to sooth my discomfort, I created this wonderful video 馃寘

VLOG聽路聽21. January 2020
B L O O M I N G . O R C H I D S . 馃帀 Turn the volume up and come with me on this orchid house tour and enjoy with me the beauty of my blooming orchids - while having some beautiful dance music in the background - yes, dancing is allowed 馃馃槝馃槉

Take A Break聽路聽16. January 2020
T A K E . A . B R E A K . Grab your warm jacket and join me on my balcony for a little afternoon break - while enjoying an absolutely stunning winter afternoon sky here in Z眉rich 馃尋鈽侊笍馃槷

VLOG聽路聽12. January 2020
B I R T H D A Y . O R C H I D . H A U L . Turn the volume up and dance with me through an endless sea of orchids! End November 2019 was my Birthday 馃帀馃巵馃挐馃憫 and my wish was to spend a day in one of my favorite places in Switzerland 馃槏

Take A Break聽路聽07. January 2020
T A K E . A . B R E A K . Put on your warm jacket and enjoy with me this beautiful, magical and very cold winter evening here in Switzerland.

VLOG聽路聽05. January 2020
N E W . Y E AR ' S . E VE . 2 0 1 9 . - P A R T . 2 . Or: How we meditate 馃 And by 芦we禄 I mean me and mr. boyfriend. We surely look funny while doing our daily 12 min. TM (= Transcendental Meditation), which I actually have meanwhile transformed in my daily 20 min. Power Napping 馃槀

VLOG聽路聽03. January 2020
N E W . Y E AR ' S . E VE . 2 0 1 9 . - P A R T . 1 . 馃 New Year's Eve or the 31.12. of every year - at least in our area of the world - is one of those days that has almost a 100% potential of making us feel bad, sad and/or lost - if you follow what the Outer World makes you believe is necessary for that specific day 馃

VLOG聽路聽29. December 2019
H A P P Y . B I R T H D A Y . 2 0 1 9 . Birthday 2019 has been THE best birthday I have ever had - truly true. My wish for the upcoming birthday weekend was simple: To spend one day at one of my favorite places here in Switzerland. And so we went 馃馃殫馃尯

VLOG聽路聽26. December 2019
A N D . I . A M . B A C K . After being away from Social Media for more than two years - including any active interaction with the so called Outer World, this video represents my come back 馃 And so, with this video I am wishing you all a tranquil, relaxing and calm Christmas and enjoyable Festive Days (and life 馃槈).

The Inner World聽路聽12. November 2017
E N E R G Y . P A I N T I N G . 芦The storms within you - woman, dare to let go and fly!禄 Born Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2017 芦Woman, you let yourself confuse so easily. Stand your ground. Show yourself. Speak your truth. There is no one else out there with your uniqueness. So why in Heaven鈥檚 sake, do you fear of being yourself? So woman, dare to finally let go and allow yourself to fly the flight of your soul.禄

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