Inner Tools For a Sane Inner Journey
17. February 2024
Part of being on an Inner Journey is the necessity to stand firmly on our two feet - within ourselves (the Inner World) as well as in the Outer World. We can't be taken serious in the Outer World if don't have stability in the Outer World. Nor can we be journeying in our Inner World if we do not have stability in our Outer World. Being serious about our Inner Journey demands therefore keeping our energies, our Inner Journey AND our Outer World everyday life balanced ⚖️

Self-Expression, the Big Bang of our Inner Self
19. January 2024
When we start our Inner Journey which is nothing else than a Self-Discovery Journey, Self-Expression becomes an essential part of our lives. Self-Expression is actually why we are on our Inner Journey, cause we long to feel alive, which happens if we experience ourselves, which happens, when we express ourselves. And so, embarking on our Inner Journey is embarking on the search of what makes us feel alive - and to take care of it and nurture it 💫

Discipline, a Solution for many Problems
06. January 2024
Embedding our Inner Self (= Soul) into our every day life is is definitely not for the faint ones. It's only for the courageous ones, who dare to continue to keep making one step after the other towards their Inner Truth, despite the many challenges encountering along their many years of their Human Life Experience. And this requires perseverance. Today's Inner World Artwork addresses exactly that challenge and gives us a straight forward answer on how to handle it ✨

Stuck in the Mud of Madness
26. December 2023
The Outer World has become a very, very loud place. And for us who are diving within ourselves, who have embarked on our Journey to the Silence within in order to not only explore but also find and express our Inner Self, this "current" madness is very challenging. Some of us may even find ourselves getting pulled into that darkness and being devoured by the madness that meanwhile is unfortunately to be found everywhere 🌪

Why we Embark on an Inner Journey
14. July 2023
The Inner Journey is an adventure that when we embark on it, we often find us being alone as it's a Journey into the Silence within. A courageous adventure that does not need more stimulation from the Outer World but space, time and environment that supports us to listen to that which is within so that we can explore and express that which is within. And so in today's Blog Post we'll look at why we chose to embark on an Inner Journey so that we feel seen on our unique Journey to our Truth 🛤

50 Reasons Why We Should Meditate
03. March 2022
If we want a good life, we won't be able to avoid to implement meditation into our everyday life. Why? Because if we want more out of our current human life experience, change is what we'll inviting into our life. Yet change without a stable, sustainable and nourishing foundation, ends in chaos. Yet with a stable, sustainable and nourishing foundation we'll be able to accomplish ANYTHING we've ever wanted. Therefore, here 50 reasons why we should meditate ✨

The Power of Meditation
20. February 2022
If we want a gorgeous human life experience, a sane life, to go beyond of who we think we are, or to have more joy in our life, to become the captain of our own life, we need to meditate. If we want all of that, we need to create a human life experience that is stable, sustainable and nourishing. If we want a stable, sustainable and nourishing life, implement meditation into our everyday life is fundamental ✨

The Power of Blessing
13. February 2022
On one hand we are infinite energy on our Journey through time, space and dimensions. On the other we're a body bound to this earthy experiencing with very real needs. And THAT is quite the challenge. We therefore need to take care of how to keep our energies balanced, how to keep our entire system balanced. Therefore, here two examples of blessing meditations that we can implement into our morning routine. We can easily adjust the texts according to our current life situation ✨

The Power of Gratitude
05. February 2022
The Inner Journey is about exploring and recovering our Inner Self so that we can (re)connect with who we truly are. But we're Human Beings. And that means we have a body, that needs food and shelter and clothes and, we're part of societies. And with that a whole bunch of issues arise. By implementing gratitude into our daily practice we'll have a powerful to not only be able to continue our Inner Journey but also be able to respond adequately to the requests and challenges of the Outer World.

08. April 2021
At some point on your Journey to your Inner Self you may experience the urge of expressing yourself in a creative way. And for THOSE specific moments you’ll need tools. Tools that are great, useful, beautiful, affordable and effective. And oil pastels are all of that. And because I want you to be knowledgable, so that you can choose the best tools for your unique Personal Inner Journey, in today’s Blog Post you’ll learn how oil pastels came into this world 🎨

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