Self-Expression, the Big Bang of our Inner Self

Self-Expression, Part of the Inner Journey

Self-Expression comes in many ways and many forms. Self-expression is not limited to the artistic realm. Actually, Self-expression is meant to happen in ALL areas of our lives. But for most Human Beings Self-Expression happens - if at all - in these three main areas: Clothing, job and homes/cars. And sometimes not even those areas are truly an expression of themselves but just a reflection of a trend or custom. 







SELF-EXPRESSION is why we actually are on our Inner Journey

When we start our Inner Journey - which is nothing else than a Self-Discovery Journey - Self-Expression becomes an essential part of our lives. To be more clear: Self-Expression is why we actually are on our Inner Journey. We embark on an Inner Journey because we long to feel alive, which happens if we experience ourselves, which happens, when we express ourselves. And so, embarking on our Inner Journey is embarking on the search of what makes us feel alive - and to take care of it and nurture it.






Societies want us as startled chickens

The reason we do not feel alive is, because what our societies teach us, makes us feel dumb, dull, meaningless, worthless. The framework in which Life is allowed in our societies is a dull, meaningless existence, where we are taught to run around like startled chickens always trying to chase to newest grain, which - by the way - is constantly changing. So the running for the newest grain never ends. But deep, deep down we know we did not come forth to be startled chickens. Nor did we come to be running behind the latest, newest, fanciest grain. We know, there is more. And when the pain, the dissatisfaction, the meaningless becomes to much, we embark on our Inner Journey - to explore our Inner World in order to find our Inner Self with the longing of creating a one of a kind, full and nourishing Life as a unique expression of our Inner Self (= Soul).






When the forces clash

When at some point in our Life the contrast between what we experience within ourselves and what we experience in the Outer World is too big to bear, when the pain, the dissatisfaction, the meaningless becomes too much, very often something dramatically happens in our Life. An illness hits us. Our relationship falls apart. We lose our job. Our finances crumble. The death of a close one. To just mention some ways how the clashing of forces may manifest itself in our lives. When the contrast between our Inner World and the Outer World becomes too big - which is nothing else than chaos - our system implodes and the chaos makes itself visible. And Life itself invites us to start over and to weave our threads according our Inner Truth.





ready-made scripts or unknown adventures?

When our system implodes we are invited by Life itself to start over. But it's an invitation. So, we either succumb to the darkness and dullness of the Outer World and are for years and years and years occupied with the ready-made scripts of endless drama of e.g. illnesses, divorces, financial struggles, etc. that the Outer World offers, continuing living a meaningless existence, wasting away our Live Energies. Or we make hopefully a courageous move towards our feelings, our Inner Self and choose to walk our own path eventhough in that moment everything has fallen apart and we have to figure out every single step we take, constantly researching and exploring our Inner World, living an adventurous Life of constant learning, growing, healing, moving forward, immersing ourselves into our Life Energies and expanding beyond our imagination.







Our Power lies where our Life Energies are. The Outer World is just a stage. The Inner World is the real world. Our Life Energies can be felt and experienced, become tangible energies through our emotions, dreams, fears, experiences, challenges, longings - all that which we experience from within. And so, embarking on our Inner Journey is embarking on the search of our Life Energies, to explore those lost Inner Landscapes within ourselves, to find that lost Spark of Life within ourselves - and to take care of it, nurture it. And in that process Self-Expression will naturally happen - an explosion of Life bursting out into the World. Self-Expression as the Big Bang(s) of our Inner Self. As it happens throughout all Universes.






self-expression, the manifested form of our inner being 

Self-Expression is the form that our Inner Being (= Soul) takes in the Physical Realm. Which form that Self-Expression takes, doesn't matter. It is not for us to define or judge the expression. The fact that it's happening, is what matters. And we're longing for that feeling of pure joy that comes with feeling our Life Energies. And we're feeling our Life Energies when we're expressing and by that experiencing our Inner Self (= Soul). Self-Expression, the Big Bang(s) of our Soul (= Inner Self). Or, Self-Expression - How Source Energy experience itself.






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