I am Veronica - an inspirational artist,
vibrational translatorexplorer and traveler.

I travel and research the depths of the Inner World -
and with 
colors, canvas and words I capture the results of my research and of my travels.


«How the heck did you choose doing such an unusual thing?»
You might ask yourself ;-)


Let me give you a tour through my life
and at the end you will find an answer to that question.




orchids and plants.
I currently share my home with 36 orchids and 30 plants.


and diving into other cultures is another
BIG LOVE of mine.


I have been
Africa, Argentina,
Australia, Austria, Brazil,
Canada, Canary Islands, China, Czech Republic, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France,
Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, 
India, Italy, Japan, Maldives,
Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Saudia Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sweden,
Syria, Thailand, USA,
United Kingdom.



I absolutely LOVE
 and especially the sky, trees and the ocean. Going for a walk in nature, sitting outside and observing the birds, listening to the wind and diving into the stream of life... what a bliss.



I LOVE studying!

I am constantly pondering, observing, thinking and analyzing - and consulting a book. I AM SOO HUNGRY to learn and grow everyday and I am soo thankful for the Internet.




Clarity is where I feel home.
Clarity is where I feel free.
Clarity is where I feel strong.

So I dedicate every single moment of my life to become
clearer and clearer.
When I sense chaos my entire system activates the unraveling program - til the confusion is untangled and clarity becomes the dominant energy.



2018 was a huge nourishing AND decluttering year for me. I always had taken care of everybody else, but after
the borderline year 2017 nourishing myself to 100% had become a must. WEAVING has since then become an important anchor in my life.



And at least my other


The physical extension of who I truly am. The place where I surround myself with beauty, with my beloved plants and books,
where I create and grow.



Born 1978
in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland to Italian and Spanish parents.



Creare =

Bringing something into being is my biggest bliss.



The Ethereal

is where I am home.



And yet,
my first professional education and job 
a business apprenticeship at a law firm and notary's office, where I studied and worked as a law and notary secretary.
I was 15 years young and
I wanted an intelligent and professional career 




In my Twenties I had been for three amazing years an international
Flight Attendant
at SWISSAIR - one of the best years of my life.
The Grounding of our National Airline was an one of a kind experience.



Dancing - and especially Impro Dance - is another BIG BLISS of mine. It is only in dancing where my essence is FULLY expressed and alive.
For me, dancing is the
natural state of existence.



In Winter 2014/2015 and 2015/2016
I performed in China - we were invited to perform Butoh. And dancing in front of millions of Chinese on National TV in Guangzhou on Silvester 2015 
was definitely one of the highlights of my life.



It was in China in 2015 where I performed for the first time with my unique technique of translating vibration by painting it - the people were fascinated and I was very proud ;-)





Today I am an inspirational artist, vibrational translator, explorer and traveler.







I live in ZÜRICH,
Switzerland - right on the edge between city and countryside, with an amazing view and gorgeous nature right in front of our home.



Business Administration was for twenty years my life. I had been working  for the biggest Swiss companies and institutions. My career as a personal Executive Assistant to a Member of the Management Board in a big Swiss Institution ended though when in 2015
I reported two bosses because of sexual harrasment.



Sensing that huge changes
were about to happen

I started in 2005 studying for my High School Certificate - which I successfully achieved in 2008.
The original plan had been
to study Law & International Relations, a 10 years investment.



 But instead I dedicated those 10 years to study 
Dance & Movement Therapy,
 Massage Therapy, Property Investment and



In 2014
I was given the gift of making vibration visible by painting and translating it.



From 2014 - 2017
 I had a therapeutic practice in Bern and Zürich, where I offered Art Therapy and Body & Massage Therapy. 



 2015 - 2017
 I additionally helped Soulful Lady Entrepreneurs
to optimize the energy flow in their business and lives - by painting and analyzing energy fields. I also
 created on Facebook a small Network called «ART OF LIFE Network».



I research and travel the Inner World with a worldwide
unique and beautiful
technique that I have created & developed in the past four and half years,
in order to build a bridge between the Inner and the Outer World.



I was born in Switzerland to a family of Italian and Spanish Immigrants - 
the clash of three different cultures created tensions, which where unloaded on a daily base at home. Violence, torture, abuse, addictions, lack on all levels was the environment I grew up in my first years of my life.

My easy access to the Inner World, my analytical observation skills,
my ability to understand vibration, my gift of transforming chaos into order,
my love for learning and understanding and my joy in contemplating the sky, the trees and the birds kept me alive, saved my sanity and my integrity.


I have worked mainly for 20 years in Business Administration.
I was a Secretary and Assistant to lawyers and notaries,

an international Flight Attendant,

a Personal Executive Assistant to professors at Universities,
to a Director of a Privat Clinic and

to Members of the Management Board of big Swiss Institutions.


My 20 years career in Business Administration where meant to use and develop my ability of transforming chaos into order as well as my organizing, structuring and managing skills in a business environment - being an Executive Assistant was the best job to learn to manage on all levels an entire office and team, and I loved being the one in charge of it. Working so long in today's Business World gave me also a broad and deep understanding of how today's Business World functions, of how humans working in such an environment function (or rather do not function) and of how inhuman and not sustainable the current system is. For me it was the perfect environment to prepare myself optimal for this specific stage of life I am in currently.



I have been traveling all around the world - visited 32 countries
and lived in Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Cuba.
Today I have chosen Zürich as my home base.

Traveling acts as a fountain of youth for me.
I am very thankful that I was able to travel in a safe and professional environment at a very young age - being accepted as an international Flight Attendant in my early twenties was definitely one of my biggest blessings. There are so, so many different countries, cultures and cities - and yet, we are all the same. We all need food, water, a toilet, a home to live and rest, a purpose to get up in the morning and love.

My first 4,5 years of entrepreneurship were a roller coaster and
definitely an one of a kind experience - and not at all as I had planned ;-)
As an entrepreneur I have been working as
an Artist, a Dance & Movement Therapist, a Massage Therapist,
a Web Designer, a Business Coach, 
an Angel Medium, a Spiritual Consultant,
a Business Energy Consultant and Soul Mentor.


Entering the world of entrepreneurship by leaving my life as a employee because I had reported two bosses because of sexual harrasment PLUS studying four different programs PLUS going through an intense process of self-discovering, healing and awakening AND living for the first time with a boyfriend was definitely a one of a kind, oh-boy-oh-boy experience. It was a journey full of bliss AND full of horror.

And as strange as it might sound, even though it was rough at its most
I am thankful for e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. moment.


Cause diving FULLY into this entrepreneurial journey allowed me to gather as much experience as possible in a very short amount of time.

In turn I have been through an immense liberation and expansion which would not have happened if I had chosen a less intense, a less borderline itinerary.

And it is exactly THAT intensity,
exactly THAT  that borderline itinerary
that has brought me to THIS.


To decide to dedicate my life energy and my gifts 
to travel and research fully the Inner World
and to build a bridge between the Inner and the Outer World.


It has anyway been what I have always done AND been.
The difference today: I have a tool to make those journeys visible.
A unique, beautiful and self-explanatory tool.

What a beautiful and unique way to show you HOW unique and beautiful
and so full of wisdom the world within us is.

I couldn't do this in a more effective and straight-forward way while offering
psychotherapy as a therapist, or by helping you to relax your body by offering therapeutic massages, nor by helping you to connect with your angels as an Angel Medium, nor as any other job or profession I have ever done - and I have done a few ;-)


Cause something was always missing.
I still was trying to somehow fit in an already fitting box.

So becoming an inspirational
vibrational translatorexplorer and traveler
and using this amazing gift I was given back in 2014 to make vibration visible
was - after going through sooo many other options -
 THE the only absolutely fitting alternative for me.


2017 was rock bottom for me -
and made it very clear:

No compromises anymore.

So an intense year of nourishing, decluttering and detoxing in 2018 followed.

And what actually had been clear from the moment I had been given this wonderful gift back in summer 2014, became a clear, calm and grounded reality.
Somehow I first needed this kind of a crazy detour of four and a half years of roller coaster before I was completely free to devote myself 100% - I first had to peel every unnecessary layer in order to get to the essence.



What you are seeing, reading and exploring on this site right now.

THIS I gave myself for my 40th birthday.

To be ME wholeheartedly.
And to bring this gift of being ME to the world.

THIS is for me the only and integer way 


to be YOU wholeheartedly,

to find 
YOUR own spark of life,

to fully jump into that unique relationship with YOURSELF.


So that you truly may 


Cause if you truly LIVE you are

a blessing for this world.


And if you are a blessing for this world, you are an inspiration for someone else.
And if you are an inspiration for someone else, that person might become a blessing.
And if that person is a blessing for this world, she is an inspiration for someone else.
And if that someone else is an inspiration for another person, that another person might become a blessing for another person.

And like that, person by person,
we change this world.

And that is my vision.

A world where every single person KNOWS who she really is.

A beautiful and precious Soul
with a Unique Spark of Life within,
having an human experience. 


Heaven on Earth.

And THAT is my answer to your question at the top of this page.

Love & blessings from Zürich,


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