I am Veronicaan inspirational artist,
a devoted inner explorer and a loving plant mom.


I've dedicated my life to research the Inner World -
and I've created a method to build a bridge between the Inner and the Outer World.


I make the Inner World with its emotions visible.

Colors, paint, canvas and words are my tools - 
I paint and translate the vibration of the Inner World.


↓  Here some chunks of information about me  




orchids and plants.
I currently share my home with 50+ orchids and 300+ plants.


and diving into other cultures is a
BIG LOVE of mine.


I traveled to
Africa, Argentina,
Australia, Austria, Brazil,
Canada, Canary Islands, China, Czech Republic, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France,
Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, 
India, Italy, Japan, Maldives,
Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Saudia Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sweden,
Syria, Thailand, USA,

United Kingdom.


I absolutely LOVE
 and especially the sky, trees and the ocean. Going for a walk in nature, sitting outside and observing the birds, listening to the wind and diving into the stream of life... what a bliss.



I LOVE studying!

I am constantly pondering, observing, thinking and analyzing - and consulting a book. I AM SOO HUNGRY to learn and grow everyday and I am soo thankful for the Internet.




Clarity is where I feel home.

I can't stand chaos nor stagnation.



Nourishing and taking care of myself is essential for me - a daily practice of
Morning Pages, Learning, Transcendental Meditation and taking care of my plant babies has become an essential part of my life.



Ah, and



The physical extension of my being. The place where I surround myself with beauty, with my beloved plants and books, where I create and grow. THE place to be ;-)



Born 1978
in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland to Italian and Spanish parents.



Creare =

Bringing something into being is my biggest bliss.



The Ethereal

is where I am home.


 And yet,
my first professional education and job 
a commercial apprentice-ship at a law firm and notary's office, where I studied and worked as a law and notary secretary.
I was 15 years young and
I wanted an intelligent and professional career. Pff.


In my twenties I had been for three amazing years an international
Flight Attendant
at SWISSAIR - one of the best years of my life.
The Grounding of our National Airline was an one of a kind experience.



Dancing- is where my essence is FULLY expressed and alive in the physical realm.
For me, dancing is the
natural state of existence.


I performed in China - in winter 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 we were invited to perform Butoh in South China. Dancing 
 in Guangzhou in front of millions of Chinese on National TV on Silvester 2015 was definitely
a highlight in my life.



It was in China in 2015 where I used for the first time my unique technique of translating vibration by painting outside of my home, in public - the performance was a success, the people were fascinated and I was very proud :-)





Today I am an inspirational artist,
inner explorer and loving plant mom - with a deep passion for traveling.



I live in ZÜRICH,
Switzerland - right on the edge between city and countryside, with an amazing view and gorgeous nature right in front of our home.



Commercial Administration was for twenty years my life. I've worked  for the biggest Swiss companies and institutions. My career and life as personal Executive Assistant to a Member of the Management Board in a big Swiss Institution ended though
in 2014 when I reported two bosses because of sexual harrasment and bullying.



Sensing huge changes coming up, I started studying for my High School Certificate in 2005 - which I successfully achieved in 2008The original plan had been to study Law & Inter-national Relations, a 10 years investment.


Instead, I dedicated
those 10 years to study 
Dance & Movement Therapy,
 Massage Therapy, 
Photography & Video Making, Property Investment, Online-Business and how to become an Entrepreneur - PLUS, I created a new und unique Inner Exploration method.



 I have been fully dedicated to this work since 2014 - and yes, the igniter was the expulsion from my employee job.


 I had a therapeutic practice in Bern and Zürich, where 2014 - 2017 I offered Art Therapy and Body & Massage Therapy. 



 I also helped Soulful Lady Entrepreneurs
to optimize the energy flow in their business and lives - by painting and analyzing energy fields. I also
 created on Facebook a small Network called «ART OF LIFE Network».



Today, I am fully dedicated
to explore and research the Inner World using the method I've created and developed.
My mission is to build a bridge between the Inner and the Outer World.