Discipline, a Solution for many Problems

When it comes to BE ourselves, there is not much benevolence in this world, isn't it? Here in this physical realm, Human Beings have distorted what was always meant to be: A place where Souls (= Inner Selves) come to gather and express their essence in order to co-create consciously. But Human Beings have decided to forget the "consciously" part of the co-creation plan (the gift of «Free Will» might have been a gift too big for Human Beings...) and have detached themselves from their Inner Selves (= Souls), living an almost 99% pure Ego-based Human Life Experience.


And so, co-creation has become a low-level co-creation and not the high quality co-creation that was (and still is) the initial idea for this planet. And so, instead of elevating this world into higher realms, Human Beings have been stuck for eons in their shit. Which is what happens if a creation comes from an Ego-base instead from a Soul perspective. Shit after shit, piling up year after year, decades  after decades, centuries after centuries, millenia after millenia, creating this mess we have here.


And yet, here we are, we who chose to remember who we really are, to be who we really are,  in order to actually bring forth what was meant to be brought forth from the beginning of all times: The Essence of Source, made tangible through that Spark of Life that manifests as an Human Being on this Physical Realm called Earth manifested as Human Being. A creation with an Ego AND a Soul (= Inner Self), that was given Free Will so that it was free to CHOOSE how to use what was given to it with the goal to elevate this world into higher realms.


But this physical realm has truly become a hostile place for those who seek to express their Essence and be(come) ALIVE. The structures of our societies have been created to undermine aliveness - the expression of our Inner Being (= our Soul) - in order to gain control over the masses. Using Fear  Energy instead of Source Energy to lead the people. Using Fear Energy to keep people small and restrained instead of using Source Energy to elevate people into their awesomeness. 


Yet, living a SOULFUL Human Life Experience is a MUST, an obligation towards ourselves. A job that was given to every single Human Being here on Earth. A job we can't escape actually. If we don't do it in this life time, we'll have to (try to) do it in the next. And if we don't do it then, then again, we're going to have to (try to) do it in the next, and so on and so on. Living a soulful Human Life Experience was the original idea for this planet from the beginning, and it still is. It's calling is stored in our DNA. But. Embedding our Inner Self (= Soul) into our every day life, especially in this time of ours is is definitely not for the faint ones.


Today's Inner World Artwork addresses exactly that challenge and gives us a straight forward answer on how to handle it. I personally consider living a truthful life in this chaotic world to be the greatest challenge on this planet. It's only for the courageous ones, who dare to continue to keep making one step after the other towards their Inner Truth, despite the many, many challenges encountering along their many, many years of their Human Life Experience. And this requires perseverance. Yet a sane perseverance can only can be maintained if it's nourished properly. And what nourishes our perseverance is as individual as we Human Beings are. May we find and choose the habits that help us to keep going. May the cover artwork be an inspiration to find what might support you. 


🎨 Today's Inner World Artwork contains the colors:

White / Yellow Green / Purpur Rose / Black


📝 The Titel of its Transcription is:

«Light, a Reality»


May we therefore be courageous to allow ourselves to remember the Truth within and reconnect with our Inner Self (= Soul) in order to bring forth what was meant to be brought forth from the beginning. The Essence of the Heavens. The Source of Creation. The Blessings of the Stars. The Gifts of the Universe. In short: Heaven on Earth. And may we also be courageous enough to dare to continue to keep making one step after the other towards our Inner Truth, despite the many, many challenges the many, many years of their Human Life Experience. Enjoy today's Inner World Artwork and I invite you to share your thoughts about it in the comment section.



In the meantime,

with love




This Blog Post was last updated on Sunday, 04.02.2024.


inner world

artwork 🎨

«Light, a reality»

«Light, a reality is.

Light, a choice is.


Enough slag you have disposed.

Moving forward now a pleasant experience can be.

Yet, move not and the darkness will catch up.

Discipline the answer to the slag is.


Light, a reality is.

Light, a choice can be.


Discipline the answer to many problems is.

Disciplined many moons you need to be.

Discipline you must maintain.

Discipline the answer is.


Light, a reality is.

Light, a choice is.


Moving forward from within it comes.

Discipline your movement will help.

Movement your discipline will suit.

Silence your discipline will support.


Joyful your life can be.

Joyful your life should be.

Lightful your life can be.

Lightful your life could be.


Discipline a solution for many problems.

Disciplined you need to be.

Expressing your Essence your calling is.

Expressing your Self naturally it should come.


Light, a reality is.

Light, a choice is.


Moving forward naturally it is.

Enough slag you worked through.

Expressing your Self now naturally it comes.

Yet, disciplined you must be.


Lightful your life should be.

Lightful your life can be.

Lightful your life always meant to be.»



/ Painting extracted from the Inner World May 2016

/ Painting transcribed December 2023

by Veronica Trombini




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