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📝  Admission Procedure Step #1 - Application Form & Application Fee

If what you've read till here is what you've been looking for and you feel now ready to enhance your Inner Journey with Inner World, then I'm looking forward to receive your application. For that purpose please click on the pink «Apply Here»-button to access the application site, download and complete the application form (PDF) and send it to me (email address on the PDF form), along with the nonrefundable application fee of $222 (payable via when sending in your application).



🧐 Admission Procedure Step #2 - Application Review

The application review will typically take 20 days from the date your application is received. Once all the documents are received and reviewed, you will receive an email to let you know either that your application has been accepted or that your application has not been accepted. Please note, incomplete forms (including not paying the nonrefundable application fee of $222) will not be considered. 



👍🏻 Admission Procedure Step #3 - Course Payment

If your application was accepted, you'll receive with your confirmation email a link where you will be redirected to the payment interface where you safely can pay Inner World's fee of $8'888, $22'222 or  $44'444 (depending on the subscription option you choose) with your credit card or PayPal. Payment is due within 5 days from the date you've received the email with the positive application review result. After your payment, please allow 48h to process your payment. Applicants who fail to meet the payment deadline will not be considered.



 Admission Procedure Step #4 - Program Material Activation 

After your payment has been processed, you'll receive an email every single information that you'll need to actually get started with Inner World. Like for example the link for the entry door to the member area. Like for example the password which will give you access to the password-protected area on my homepage.


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🚨 important 🚨




🚨 Important #1 - The 48 h Payment Process

After you clicked on the payment button and you placed your payment, please note the 48h payment process. This is a one woman company and so I need time to process your payment. As I'm the one at the front but also behind the scenes, but  also the one creating every single artwork, but also the one checking and managing my emails, but also the one writing every single word on this homepage, but also the one doing the book-keeping, but also the one creating every single piece of content for my Online Programs, Explorer Letters, Blog and YouTube Podcast. And, also the one who checks if your payment comes in. 


The reason why I'm a one woman company is that I need to think and feel for myself, and then I need to be able to act 100% upon on it. I therefore need to be 100% in charge of every single aspect of what I'm offering. That's why I'm a one woman company. So when clicking on the payment button, it's me, a real person behind the scenes and not an automated, soulless system or machine that "manages" everything.



🚨 Important #2 - The «No Manipulation»-Strategy  

I absolutely believe that not making knowledge available for 24/7 is manipulative and disgusting and a crime against humanity and life itselfEspecially in these pandemic, world war shitty times with almost the entire world having access to InternetTherefore, the doors at Inner World stay open. So, if you want to apply now, you apply nowIf you don't want to apply now, you don't apply nowIf you want to apply later, you apply later.


But that disgusting so called "marketing" strategy that uses manipulation to make online courses only at specific times of the year available, well that shit ain't happening here. You and I don't need anyone abusing or manipulating us. Au contraire, we feel repelled by such an attitude. Therefore. The doors at Inner World stay open. That means, you can apply any day, any time. Just be aware of the application process  

Inner World Online Program__Application
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