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🌕 «Finally, I'm not alone anymore on this unique but challenging Inner Journey.»


🌕 «Finally, a place where I feel seen, understood and supported on my Inner Journey.» 


🌕 «Finally, a place where I find inspiration with so much beauty and uniqueness as well as real talk from experience with hands-on support regarding my Inner Journey.»


🌕 «Finally, someone is researching the Inner World and makes the research available to the public in a beautiful, one of a kind way.»


🌕 «Finally.»



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🌕 All donations are used 100% for making the Research & Exploring of the Inner World with its Inner Mechanisms & Inner Landscapes and the Studying of Inner Journeys with their challenges in the Outer World possible.


🌕 The results of my Research are made available to the public in my Explorer Letters, Blog and YouTube Podcast - at no cost.


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