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If you've embarked on your Inner Journey to explore your Inner World in order to find your Inner Self with the longing of creating a one of a kind, full and nourishing Life as a unique expression of your Essence, my Explorer Letter is for you. You'll receive regular support regarding the Inner Journey - compact, regularly and steady as well extended sporadically. Never at the same time but always at the right time. Here the details:


🌺  Compact Edition

As these are tough times and madness has meanwhile spilled everywhere, a direct support from the Inner World through an Inner World Artwork and its Transcription (read more here about how I use Art for researching and exploring the Inner World) will be send on a regular base. Not necessarily weekly, but at the right time and above all in a steady rhythm. I call this edition «Explorer Letter | Nuggets of Support».


🌺  Extended Edition

Every couple of weeks (or months) you'll receive a full packed edition with so much evergreen content, support, information and links about the Inner and Outer World that you'll be accompanied on your unique Journey to your Self for weeeeeeeeeks. See them as free evergreen mini courses. That’s good, as the Journey to the Self is a Journey into the Silence within. We do not need any more stimulation from the Outside. We need space, time and above all, an environment that supports us to listen to that which is within so that we can explore and express it. I call this edition simply «Explorer Letter».


🌺  At no cost

My Explorer Letters come as a short Email with a link, which will lead you to the actual Explorer Letter on my homepageThe Explorer Letters are thought as free evergreen mini courses where I inter alia will share evergreen Inner World Artwork and its Transcription - intentionally at no cost. Whereas the services I offer at my Online School E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self are fee-based.




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