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But let me first tell you, that I hate weekly newsletter very very much 😫⚡️💥🔥😤 I find them a fucking waste of life energies on ALL levels plus they declutter my mailing list. YAK. Therefore, NO nothing weekly and NO newsletter from my side 🙅🏻‍♀️. Instead you're getting every couple of weeks my full packed Explorer Letter with so much evergreen content, support, information and links about the Inner and Outer World that you'll be accompanied on your unique Journey to your Self for weeeeeeeeeks. Here an overview of what you're getting:


🌺  As mentioned, I do not write Explorer Letters often, but oh boy, when I write them, they are packed so that you’re accompanied on your Journey to your Self for weeeeks. See them as free evergreen mini courses. That’s good, as the Journey to the Self is a Journey into the Silence within. We do not need any more stimulation from the Outside. We need space, time and above all, an environment that supports us to listen to that which is within so that we can explore and express it.


🌺  My Explorer Letters are for those courageous who dared to embark on their unique Inner Journey with the goal of creating a truthful, nourishing, abundant Human Life Experience. Who love to dive deep and learn by themselves and, are actually not disinclined to accelerate their Inner Journey and do the necessary work.


🌺  My Explorer Letters are brimming with thoughts, observations, insights, ideas, feelings and emotions as well as energies regarding the Journey to the Self. Insights from the Inner World and Real Human Experiences from the Outer World are shared - the distilled version of over 20 years of my own Inner Journey. You’ll also find Inner & Outer World Nuggets to actively inspire you to implement support and changes into your everyday life as well as to accelerate your own Inner Journey. Sometimes I’ll be adding Inner World Artwork and their beautiful transcriptions. 


🌺  My Explorer Letters come as a short Email with a link, which will lead you to the actual and opulent Explorer Letter on a hidden page on my homepage. My Explorer Letters have their own will and force and answer to their own Stream of Life. And so, if there is a need, a new edition will be conceived, born, written and sent to its subscribers. Sometimes this may be a couple of new editions in a row. Sometimes a couple of weeks apart. Maybe even months apart. 


🌺  The Explorer Letters will also be my general means of communication with my subscribers. I will therefore also - when appropriate - include links to Blog Posts that I think might be of value. Or share updates on my homepage. And yes, I also will be pointing to E-School's different online courses and programs - the current ones as well as those who are about to be born.


🌺  My Explorer Letters are thought as free evergreen mini courses and intentionally at no cost, but my Online School E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self is fee-based.



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