The Company of Veronica Trombini

Is a sole proprietorship, founded by Veronica in February 2015 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.





The Mission of Veronica Trombini

To build a bridge between the Inner and Outer World.

The Vision of Veronica Trombini
A world where everybody 
1. has access to her/his Inner World
2. has a nourishing relationship with her-/himself
3. lives a life aligned with who she/he truly is.

The Contribution of Veronica Trombini
1. With our service E-School - School of Emotion, an ongoing online school based on self-selection, that is in touch with the Soul and the Inner World, we provide a safe, creative and worldwide unique environment to explore and research the life within ourselves.


2. With our company and with your tuition we support alternative ways of thinking and living, projects and charities all over the world on protection, education and empowerment of women, children, the environment, the animals as well as financial education. We currently invest 5%* of each E-School tuition in the above mentioned projects and charities.

*The more students we have, the higher is the percentage that we use for supporting projects and charities.