My Company «»

Is a sole proprietorship, founded by me - Veronica Trombini - in February 2015 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.






My Mission

1. To explore and research the Inner World.

2. To recover and express my Inner Self.

3. To help recover and express every Inner Self that is ready and willing to be recovered and expressed.





My Vision 
A world where every soul  
1. REMEMBERS who she really is
2. and WHY she came to this world

3. and BRINGS her gifts into this world

4. and CHANGES this world with her gifts.






My Contribution
1. Therefore I've created FREE-SCHOOL - my free online school for Inner Exploration. A beautiful place full of gorgeous artwork, vibrant colors and heart & soul touching poems to help you start exploring your Inner Landscapes.


2. Therefore I've created E-SCHOOL - my paid online school for Recovering and Expressing Your Inner Self - where I offer different online courses which the specific focus to help you find that buried Inner Self of yours - and bring it forth into the Outer World.



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