My Company «»

Is a sole proprietorship, founded by me - Veronica Trombini - in February 2015 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.






My Mission

1. To explore, research and charter the Inner World.

2. To recover and express my Inner Self.

3. To help explore, research and recover your Inner Self .





My Vision 
A world where every human being  
1. KNOWS her/his truth
2. LIVES her/his truth.








My Contribution

I've created E-SCHOOL - The Journey to Your Inner Self, my three level online school for Exploring, Researching and Recovering Your Inner Self. A beautiful place full of gorgeous artwork, vibrant colors, touching poems and one of a kind insights to help you on your unique Personal Inner Journey. Depending on your needs and life situation you can choose between the free, the light and the intensive level. 



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