recover & express
your inner self 🚀

and come alive again 

veronica's e-school
is the world's one of a kind Online school
for recovering & expressing your inner self 

YOU long to be alive, seek that which is youlong to finally remember what the heck! you've come to do on Earthplus - you're sooo done with those nagging life key topics that have been bugging you for aaages (but you juuust caaaaan't transcendent 😩😟😩 I know, I know, those 😤⚡️😖 buggers)!

E-SCHOOL has absolutely incomparable insights in those 😤⚡️😖 life key topics, is full with beautiful, gorgeous and transformational tools to work with and its one of a kind self-selective and non-intrusive approach to work on inner structures and its easy to follow set up is absolutely cutting edge.

EXtraordinarily beautiful.
deep impact. incomparable insights.
transformational. WORLDWIDE UNIQUE.

gorgeous artworks. Key life topics.
easy to follow set up.
cutting edge.

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