the why 







There IS a way to live a better Life.


There IS a way to bring balance

into the chaos of this world.


There IS a way to have

Heaven on Earth.


There IS a cure

for this world.


There IS a way to "unmess"

the mess this world has become.


There IS a way. 

This I know.


And it starts with each one of us.



Each one of us needs to become aware of our own Inner Landscapes,

take responsibility for them and live its human life aligned to its truth.


And that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

And that's why I'm offering what I'm offering.


And in order to understand even better

why I do what I do and offer what I offer,

here  some more insights on how I see things.





THE inner world


There is an Inner WorldAnd there is an Outer World.


The Outer World is a reflection of the Inner World.


The Inner World is mapped as our Inner Landscapes.


 Our Inner Landscapes are the vibrational reality of Our Experiences.


Our Experiences are every single Emotions we've ever felt.


Our Emotions manifest as our Inner World.


Our Inner World reflects as our Outer World.





THE spark of life


Within our Inner World resides a Spark of Life.


Our Spark of Life is a unique expression of Source Energy.


Our Unique Spark of Life is Who We Truly Are.


Each of us is a unique expression of Source Energy.


Source Energy is Who We Truly Are.




Our Spark of Life came to Explore Itself in this Physical Realm.


Our Spark of Life came with an Itinerary for this Physical Realm.


Do we follow the Inner Itinerary, we feel good and Life is good.


Do we not follow the Inner Itinerary, we feel shit and Life is miserable.





the Base 




Our Unique Spark of Life is part of the Big River.


The Big River is part of the Big Ocean.


The Big Ocean is All That Is.


The All That Is is The Base.


The Base is Source Energy.


Source Energy is Consciousness.


Consciousness is.





THE BASE's Journey 



The Base in its never ending Beingness, longs to explore itself.


The Base in its longing to explore itself, leaves itself.


The Base in its leaving itself, descends in all kinds of realms.


The Base in its descending in all kind of realms, goes on Journeys.


The Base in its Journeying, explores itself.


The Base in its exploring itself, expresses itself.


The Base in expressing itself, expands.



Each of us in an unique Expression of The Base on its Journey


to explore itself in its Beingness which results in Expansion.





the Guiding System


Our Emotions indicate our Inner Location within our Inner World.



Our Emotions indicate the Inner Status of our Inner Itinerary.



Our Emotions indicate our Inner Relationship with our Spark of Life.



Our Emotions indicate our Inner Alignment with Source Energy.




Is our current Inner Location aligned with our Inner Itinerary,


we experience Pleasant Emotions.



 Is our current Inner Status aligned with our Spark of Life,


we experience Pleasant Emotions.



Is our current Inner Landscape not aligned with


our Inner Itinerarywe experience Unpleasant Emotions.



Is our current Inner Status not aligned with 


our Spark of Lifewe experience Unpleasant Emotions.



Our Emotions are therefore our Guiding System.





the three basics


The Human Life Experience consists of


Three Basic Structures and Mechanisms.


1. The Self = The Inner World = The Spark of Life


2. The Ego = The Outer World = The Body


3. Free Will = The Gift = The Tool



Understanding and balancing these Three Basics


ensures a good, healthy, stable and sane Human Life Experience.






exploring the inner world


Exploring our Inner World is exploring our Inner Landscapes.


Exploring our Inner Landscapes is exploring our Emotions.


Exploring our Emotions is exploring our Inner Mechanisms.


Exploring our Inner Mechanisms is exploring our Guiding System.



Exploring our Guiding System is becoming aware of The Journey.


Exploring our Guiding System leads to awareness.



Awareness leads to Empowerment.


Empowerment leads to Better Choices.


Better Choices lead to a better Inner Journey.


A better Inner Journey leads to a better Outer Journey.


A better Outer Journey is experienced as a Good Life.


Good Life is a Blessing for the Human Being.


Blessed Human Being is a Blessing for the World.



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