I make the landscapes
of the inner world visible.



«I loooove your energy paintings. The messages are so clear and powerful.

Veronica, this is so beautiful. It's perfect. It's me. And it's exactly what I've been going through. Thank you so so much. I have always loved your energy paintings and the messages you channel.»
Lindsay Thacker Maxfield | USA




«Wow. This is extraordinary beautiful. I've already read your message twice and goosebumps and tears came immediately with a sense of opening up in my chest.

The painting feels passionate and raw. I love this so much.»
Devandy Walbridge | USA



«Your paintings are so beautiful. I absolutely adore them.

So much healing and spiritual depth I see.»
Noémie Lee Johnson | Canada





«All of the words really resonated with me. I love the fiery intense colors,

mixed with a bit of earthiness and grounding.»
Brianna Marie | USA



«Wow. I am still impressed by this painting and these words.

Thank you so much for putting so much energy and time into this gift.»
Vera Teutemacher | Germany




This is amazing!!! Thank you such much.»
Annette Caumont Perso | France

«Aw, what a beautiful message and gorgeous painting.

I feel very blessed to have heard and seen this. Thank you.»
Alycia Moreno | USA






«You burn. You WANT to live your life NOW. Whatever holds you back, will be burnt in the sacred flames of transformation. Speak the words. Clean the house. Get rid of old stuff. Rearrange. Reorganize. Restructure. Make space! Space for YOU. For the awakened part of you that finally has been set free. It's your time now. LIVE. NOW.»



«I love your work and paintings. How stunningly sweet.»

Katie Koslowski | USA


«I just love your kind and powerful words. Also the painting speaks to me.»

Nadia Maria Nacca | USA



«The message is clear. I was astonished by how the painting shows my mood.»

Susannah Lorenzo | Argentina

«The energy painting resonated so much for me!
Thank you for sharing your work with the world and be brave enough to do it.

Adetoro | USA


«You are fantastic! I absolutely love your work!

This is so beautiful and meaningful! You're the best!»
Lori Saunders-Rodgers | USA



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