THE painting


My job is to bring forth the information from the Inner World into this realm in a tangible way and make that information accessible to those who are looking for answers the Inner World can answer. And that tangible way happens to be painting layers of colors (becoming Inner World Artwork) and transcribing those layers of colors by writing words and sentences (becoming Poems). But besides this creative process I also need to assure that what I extract and transcribe is congruent and, that I am safe along the whole Inner Journey, throughout the whole creative process and, afterwards.


And here is where a whole set of basic tools comes into place. Dancing or doing physical exercises or walking or exercising on my home trainer assures that I am grounded in my body and find therefore my way back into this realm after a focused Inner Journey. Besides dancing I also do meditation, morning pages, AUM chanting, Yin Yoga, physical exercises. I also exercise on my home trainer, take naps, eat home cooked food, have fights on a regular base with my partner, rearrange my home regularly, take care of my many house plants, do sauna, read a lot, have regular money dates and, do play and cuddle intensively with my dogos. All that assures that my system and pipelines are clean and my life energies can therefore flow properly, which guarantees an overall safe, healthy, sane and grounded Inner and Outer World experience.


So what you see here as paintings or in any parts of my homepage or in an online course or program you've booked here, is just the tip of the iceberg and part of a whole process that enables me to use art to connect to higher realms of consciousness, enter the Inner Realm, extract & transcribe information from the Inner World and come back sane and safe to this realm and actually live a good, nourishing life.


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