I'm Veronica 🙋🏻‍♀️


An Human Being,

close to Life and with a deep passion

for a sane, stable and nourishing human life experience.


And I'm also all about wanting to understand the Inner Structures and Mechanisms of us humans.

I therefore travel, explore and charter the Inner World

and use art to make the Inner Landscapes visible.


I'm also the creator and founder of the one of a kind

online school for self-exploration 

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self,

a beautiful place to explore, travel and research the Inner World

with the purpose to recover our most precious asset -

the Inner Self.


The Seed of Life within yourself.

The Spark of Life within yourself.

God within yourself.


If you want a gorgeous human life experience.

If you want a sane life.

If you want to go beyond of who you think you are.

If you want to have more joy in your life.

If you want to have a more effortless, more juicy life experience.

If you want to become the captain of your own life.


If you want all of that,

you need to create a human life experience that is stable, sustainable and nourishing.


And for that meditation is a great tool.

And I mean a GREAT tool.


I go so far to state, that if you want a sane, stable and nourishing life where you not only create what you want but you're also able to actually sustain it AND grow, then implementing meditation into your everyday life is a MUST. 


Cause this physical realm is heavy, dense and messy.

Cause this physical world is full of instability, chaos, disorientation and hustle bustle mentality.

Cause in this physical world it's almost impossible to not constantly step on something unpleasant.


You want to become a centered human being?



You want to keep your integrity?



You want to be(come) an authentic human being?



You want a sustainable life that allows you to create AND grow easily?






Getting into a space where you allow yourself to just be, is a powerful-powerful tool to become more a captain of your own Life, rather being just a leave on the water and being thrifting with whatsoever current is currently offered.


There is a force within yourself - your Soul, your Unique Spark of Life, your Inner Self, call it what you want - and that force has a voice. Interestingly eventhough that force is the power that creates universes and galaxies, for us humans it is a very gentle, fine voice.


Meditating on a daily base creates a regular slot, where you

1. can just be (and just that is a very delicious experience)

2. have the opportunity to let all our thoughts and energies just flow (human everyday life can be soo exhausting!)

3. plus we start to become more aware of that gentle, wise and yet very fine voice within ourselves

4. we start to get a sense for the stream of Life with is unique rhythm.


You can use the videos down below to create a moment where you allow yourself to just be. The gentle, soft music and the beautiful video artwork will help you enter safely that state of relaxation and reach those unique levels of your being.



There are tons of different forms of mediations out there. Some call it mediation. Some call it power nap. Others call it Siesta. Others call it just being.


Call it what you want. It's the most natural state of being. Yet in the meantime it has become such a rarity in our normal human life experience.


Approach meditation with the focus of what works for YOU. What is that you need? What is that your currently life situation allows you? What is that feels right to you?


Down below I am sharing three examples and approaches. I have have been doing all three examples for now more or less 20 years. Depending on where you are right now in your Life one is better than the other.


For me, currently the focus is more on a daily TM session and sometimes a bit of the other ones. But I also had periods in my Life where it was the other way around. And yes, I am sharing here only the ones that I tried out AND work for me. Therefore I recommend, that you do your own research and find out what is the best way to meditate for you and your actual life situation.


Ah, and sometimes, meditation means napping, taking a siesta or falling deeeeeeeply asleep 😁😂😚 (check out my video down below).




Walking Meditation

- A walk in nature for ca. 30 - 60 min.

- No handy. No music. No books. No notes

- Comfortable shoes and clothes

- Walk in silence. Observe the sky, the trees, the landscape 


Contemplation Meditation

- Sit in a comfy chair/place at your window for ca. 15 - 20 min.

No handy. No music. No books. No notes

- Comfortable clothes, warm scarf/blanket

- Be in silence. Observe the scenery. Look at the sky, the people, the cars


Transcendental Meditation

- This meditation is taught and it costs

(depending on your life-money-situation it might a bit pricey to start with)

- Do some research on the Internet, if you like what you've read, find a transcendental meditation center

in your vicinity, go visit them and if it feels right, book the course. It's worth it.




When to apply:

- In the morning, before your day starts

- In the afternoon ca. 16 h or at twilight

- the walking and contemplation mediation can be applied whenever you want


How much time is needed:

ca. 15 - 30 min.



A centered, clear, peaceful

emotional and mental state.

Plus, so, soo much more energy.



You want to become a centered human being?



You want to keep your integrity?



You want to be(come) an authentic human being?



You want a sustainable life that allows you to create AND grow easily?





With love,




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