I'm Veronica¬†ūüôčūüŹĽ


 A fun-fun human being,

devoted Inner Explorer & Artist -

and Founder of the online self-development school

E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self.


Traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do.

And "interesting" Inner Landscapes aka shitty human behavior

is what fascinates me - deeply and completely.


Cause the question that bugs me the most and whom my entire being and existence is dedicated, is:



So looking at unhealthy structures and mechanisms within us humans and our behavior

is (at least for me) THE way to find answers to THAT question.

AND, to help me (and you if you're interested and willing to do the inner work),

become a better navigator of this human experience.


Unhealthy structures. Destructive mechanisms. Dark places.

Assholes. Bitches. Abusers.

A shitty life. A mediocre life. A disaster life.


The list is endless.


Yet, they all have something in common.


We humans not taking care of ourselves.

We humans not being honest with ourselves.

We humans not listening to our Inner Self.


It's interesting, that when studying shitty human structures and mechanisms -

which we ALL have, yet the amount of time we spend there resp. what we do with them is what matters -

the HOW NOT TO END UP THERE automatically comes up.

At least for me.


I mean,

No way do I want to have a shitty life.

No way do I want to be an asshole.

No way do I want to waste this human life.


So why do so many people have a shitty life?

So why do so many people be(come) assholes?

So why do so many people waste their human life?


When learning to drive a car, we all are taught not to end up against a tree, right?

When we're getting a new gadget, we all learn the basics of that thing, right? 

Well, the same should apply for our human life experience, right?


And yet, due to reasons still unknown to me,

nowhere in the world schools and education system teach how to live this life properly,

nowhere in the world societies teach people to be anchored within themselves

in order to be(come) a blessing for the entire humanity.


And, when looking at how this world is doing,

well, it seems the priorities haven't yet been understood.


So in today's Blog Post we're diving FOR ONCE NOT into the unhealthy Inner Landscapes of us humans.

In today's Blog Post we're looking into what would actually allow us to end up on the other side of the stick.

We're looking at how to have a (more) stable, (more) wonderful, (more) nurturing, (more) meaningful,

(more) truthful life - a life that would be blessing for ourselves and for the entire humanity.


If you're done with a desolate, unhealthy, shitty, mediocre life,

(that spreads like a pest through entire societies)

well, THEN this Blog Post is the right stuff for you.


If not, well, then continue the path your going

and try to have at least a bit fun along the journey.

For yourself. And for the ones around you.


Ah, and by the way:

I am only sharing tools I've tried out for many, many, reeeeeeeally many months and years

and implemented into my Life. So no bla-bla-shit sharing here.

You're getting here only the real stuff.



So let's get started now.




Every day is a new day. Every day you're invited by the Universe to start over. Every day you get the chance to make things different. And, every morning you're setting the tone for the entire day. So, focusing on getting the morning "right" helps tremendously to set a basic, nourishing foundation, that has a long-term effect for your entire life.


As simple and trivial as it sounds, a simple "Thank you" just when waking up, works wonders. Gratitude puts you in the space of tranquility, joyfulness and "everything-is-alright". Gratitude is one of THE most powerful energies to tap in - and which will help you shift your mental and emotional status immediately.


You can't express an honest "Thank you" and be depressed. You can't express an honest "Thank you" and be caught up in your fears. You can't express an honest "Thank you" and be in asshole modus.


So if when waking up, you immediately shift your thoughts and energies to gratitude you're not only benefiting from a wonderful tranquil and grateful state ob being and setting a great tone for the day, but you're actually also training yourself to shift your thoughts and energies - which will you enable you in sooooo many ways.


Here two examples of gratitude meditations that you can implement into your morning routine.



¬ęThank you.

Thank you for waking up.

Thank you for this new day.

Thank you for being here with me.¬Ľ







¬ęThank you for this new day.

Thank you for waking up.

Thank you for my warm bed.

Thank you for my blankets.

Thank you for my cushion.

Thank you for my pyjamas.

Thank you for my body.

Thank you for being healthy.

Thank you for having a job.

Thank you for having a roof over my head.

Thank you for having a kitchen.

Thank you for having a fridge and food in it.

Thank you for having running water.

Thank you for having a toilet.

Thank you for having a shower.

Thank you for the sun outside.

Thank you for being here with me.

Thank you for guiding me today.

Thank you.¬Ľ




When to apply:

- Right after waking up

- Before going to sleep (just adjust the sentences)

- Can also be applied as many times as you want through the day (just adjust the sentences)


How much time is needed:

ca. 5 - 15 min. per exercise



A tranquil, calm, grateful, centered, sweet, feeling safe

emotional and mental state.




Similar to the energy of gratitude, the mere act of blessing is also a powerful tool, that has a tremendous impact on your energies, on your emotional and mental status and which helps you shift your energies immediately to a place of serenity and joyfulness.


Blessing opens you up to the plains of Heaven.

Blessing opens you up to miracles.

Blessing opens you up to who you truly are.

Source Energy.

A Soul on her journey of learning and expanding.

A Spark of Life experiencing itself through this human experience.


If you have access to blessing, then you have access to the ability of putting your ego, your human personal structures and mechanisms, your personal drama aside and to enter a sacred space - and to focus on something that is bigger than you. You can't bless (and I mean, truly bless, not shallow words that try to imitate a blessing) while your in depressive mode. You can't bless while you're in asshole mode. You can't bless while you're contemplating all the darkness of this world.


So blessing is a great tool - not only for the morning, but also for the entire day (and night! When I have trouble with going into the night, I am lying in my bed and I just bless. Everything falls immediately into place and I have a calm, tranquil sleep) - to have at hand. I would use it on a daily base so that it becomes an automatic habit. With a little discipline you soon will observe yourself that you'll use the tool blessing right away as soon as some imbalances are only just a dust on the far far sky.





¬ęThank you for blessing me.

Thank you for blessing my bed.

Thank you for blessing my room.

Thank you for blessing my mate.

Thank you for blessing our home.

Thank you for blessing our dog.

Thank you for blessing every single plant in our home.

Thank you for blessing every single thing in our home.

Thank you for blessing our building.

Thank you for blessing every single person and animal living in our building.

Thank you for blessing our residential area.

Thank you for blessing our town.

Thank you for blessing our canton.

Thank you for blessing Switzerland.

Thank you for blessing Europe.

Thank you for blessing this world.¬Ľ







¬ęThank you for blessing me.

Thank you for blessing my heart.

Thank you for blessing my soul.

Thank you for blessing my mind.

Thank you for blessing my body.

Thank you for blessing my energies.

Thank you for blessing my thoughts.

Thank you for blessing my actions.

Thank you for blessing my past, present and future.

Thank you for blessing my day.¬Ľ





When to apply:

- Right after waking up

- Before going to sleep (just adjust the sentences)

- Can also be applied as many times as you want through the day (just adjust the sentences)


How much time is needed:

ca. 5 - 15 min. per exercise



An joyful, serene, centered, trustful

emotional and mental state.





Aah, the body. Aah, the floor. THE place to be as a human being. And yet, from all the tools THIS one is the one I found the most challenging. Cause EVERYTHING is stored in the body. EVERYTHING. What you experiencing right now. What you experienced yesterday. What you experienced last month. What you experience last year. What you experienced in your childhood. What you experienced in the womb. What you experienced in earlier lives. So the amount of informations stored in our bodies is TREMENDOUS. And sometimes overwhelming. And if trauma, or pain, or horror, or fear, or anything dark has happened, it's there. In the body. In the cells. Additional, from all the bodies we have, the physical is the slowest, the heaviest to work with. And I really do not like slowness nor heaviness. At all.


So yes, taking care of your body is essential, a MUST. Cause this is THE vessel you have for this specific human experience. There is no way around. And there are a couple of decades to travel with this vessel called body. So you and I better do take care of our bodies.


Besides that, being on the floor on a daily base, does help you feel more grounded, more connected. If lying on the floor feels scary (it did at the beginning for me), then just start with sitting on the floor. Start with sitting on a pillow on the floor. Your body will automatically tell you when it feels right, to actually lie completely down.





Physical exercises

Ca. 15 - 20 min. of physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the entire body

(legs, knees, torso, back, shoulders, arms) 

followed by ca. 15 min. of gentle stretching exercises

(you find great content @ YouTube).



Ca. 15 - 20 min. of gentle Pilates exercises

(I loooove YouTube!)


Yin Yoga

Ca. 30 min. of Yin Yoga asanas

(I love Bernie Clark's book)


Stretching Exercises

Ca. 30 min. of gentle stretching exercises

(si, si, YouTube is really the place to be)




Ca. 15 - 30 min. gentle dancing/moving the body to music

(I love deep house! Or some love zouk. Or if I need a boost or some fun-fun energy

a great 80's disco party or a Marc Anthony salsa compilation¬†ūüėĀ)

followed by ca. 15 min. of gentle stretching exercises


Body Flow

Ca. 15 - 30 min. on the floor, letting the body just move

(your body will find the spots that are tense and will move towards

movements and positions to release that tension, let your body just move and flow)

followed by ca. 15 min. of lying calm on the floor, your hands on

your heart/stomach and just breathing and relaxing




When to apply:

- In the morning, before your day starts

- The dancing and/or body flow part can also be applied as many times as you want through the day,

just be aware that too much movement toward the evening will hinder you to find easy sleep


How much time is needed:

ca. 15 - 60 min.



- A clear, grounded sensation within yourself

- with a centered and clear emotional and mental state

- plus you'll feel stable, strong and clear within your own body


4. AUM Chanting


I've been doing a daily AUM chanting now for around 1,5 years and let me tell you, I am so, sooo pleased with how it affects my everyday life. If you're familiar with the work I do, then you know I like to work deep and intense and above all sustainable. And I absolutely hate hours and hours of having to do something in order to get results. My life is short and I have no time to waste with endless hours of whatsoever. Therefore, an investment of daily 8 - 12 min. for chanting the three basic universal tones, is a GREAT investment for what I am getting back as a ROI. Try it out. Do a daily AUM chanting for the next couple of weeks and you'll walk this Earth anchored and stable as fuck plus you'll giggle everyday and have sooo much more access to joy and fun! Heck, why has no one every told me how absolutely amazing and powerful doing some daily singing of three tones actually is?!?




For this exercise check out this video



When to apply:

- In the morning, before your day starts


How much time is needed:

ca. 8 - 12 min.



An joyful, centered, tidy


emotional and mental state.



5. meditation


Getting into a space where you allow yourself to just be, is a powerful-powerful tool to become more a captain of your own ship, äh, life, than to be just a leave on the water and just thrift with whatsoever current is currently offered. There is a bigger force within yourself - your Soul, your Unique Spark of Life, your Inner Self, call it what you want - and that force has a voice. Interestingly eventhough that force is the power that creates universes and galaxies, for us humans it is a very gentle, fine voice. Meditating on a daily base creates a regular slot, where you

1. can just be (and just that is a very delicious experience)

2. have the opportunity to let all our thoughts and energies just flow (human everyday life can be soo exhausting!)

3. plus we start to become more aware of that gentle, wise and yet very fine voice within ourselves

4. which on the other hand allows us to actually start creating a relationship with that voice, with our Inner Self.


There are tons of different forms of mediations out there. I for example have been doing all three examples I am sharing down below for now more or less 20 years. Depending on where you are right now in your Life one is better than the other. Currently the focus is more on a daily TM session and sometimes a bit of the other ones. But I also had periods in my Life where it was the other way around. And yes, I am sharing here only the ones that work out for me. Therefore I recommend, that you do your own research and find out what is the best way to meditate for you and your actual life situation.


Ah, and sometimes, meditation means napping, taking a siesta or falling deeeeeeeply asleep¬†ūüėĀūüėāūüėö¬†(check out my video down below).





Walking Meditation

- A walk in nature for ca. 30 - 60 min.

- No handy. No music. No books. No notes

- Comfortable shoes and clothes

- Walk in silence. Observe the sky, the trees, the landscape 


Contemplation Meditation

- Sit in a comfy chair/place at your window for ca. 15 - 20 min.

- No handy. No music. No books. No notes

- Comfortable clothes, warm scarf/blanket

- Be in silence. Observe the scenery. Look at the sky, the people, the cars


Transcendental Meditation

- This meditation is taught and it costs

(depending on your life-money-situation it might a bit pricey to start with)

- Do some research on the Internet, if you like what you've read, find a transcendental meditation center

in your vicinity, go visit them and if it feels right, book the course.




When to apply:

- In the morning, before your day starts

- In the afternoon ca. 16 h or at twilight

- the walking and contemplation mediation can be applied whenever you want


How much time is needed:

ca. 15 - 30 min.



A centered, clear, peaceful

emotional and mental state.

Plus, so, soo much more energy.




It's up to us humans what we do what the Heavens have given us. Eventhough the entire world is/goes bonkers, that doesn't mean you also have to be on that (shitty) wave. Take care of yourself. Become the captain of your life and for God's sake, live your life the way is truthful to you!


Yes, this world is a mess.

Yes, there are some very bogus people (sometimes the closer the worse).

Yes, this world is loud.

Yes, this plane is heavy, slow and soooooo unwilling to be truthful.


Yet the essence of Heaven is still in the field.

This realm can still be(come) Heaven on Earth.

If you're here, you can taste it.

If you're here, you long for it.

I can taste it.

I long for it.


That's why I do the work I am doing here.

THAT taste is what I want to bring back to you.

THAT taste is what is worth to work for years and years on what I am offering here.


If you're seeking to change, to grow, to heal, to reconnect with that which is you,

my online school for self-development is the place you want to look into it.


I have three levels. And depending on your needs you can choose between

the basic, the advanced and/or the intensive study program of my

E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self.


The school is here.

I am here.


It's up to you,

if you're also here.


In the meantime,

with love,




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