Why we Embark on an Inner Journey

The Journey to our Self is a courageous and unique adventure that not many dare to embark. It's an adventure that when we embark on it, we often find us being alone as the Journey to the Self is a Journey into the Silence within. The Journey to the Self is also - especially at the beginning - accelerating, challenging, confrontational, borderline, tearing us open in areas we had no idea. A courageous and unique adventure that horrifies most people.

The Journey to the Self is an Inner Journey, an adventure that does not need more stimulation from the Outer World but space, time and environment that supports us to listen to that which is within so that we can explore and express that which is within. And so in today's Blog Post we'll look at Why we chose to embark on an Inner Journey so that we can make peace with our courageous decision to recover our Truth and Essence.

on our own


When it comes to live this human life experience, we’re pretty much on our own. We come forth into this physical environment called Planet Earth without any recollection of anything – not where we’re from, not of our past existences, nothing. Everything before the moment we come to alive as a human being is erased from our memory. Most of us can’t even recall our first one, two, three, four, five years of being a human being. And yet, despite this rather hostile physical environment called Earth, we are able to somehow survive. It seems that there is a set of basic tools and knowledge within our system that allows us to be able to navigate this harsh physical environment.




like a leaf in a stream


And then we are here. Being babies, being kids, being adolescents, being young adults, being adults, being Adults with a big “A”, getting older, moving toward that inevitable moment of our transition, moving back to wherever we came from. And all the time, we’re on our way with all those feelings and emotions within us. All those dreams that make us feel hopeful. All those fears that are per se already a frightening experience but also take our aliveness away. All those experiences and observations we make. All those challenges we encounter. All those longings that are calling us… all that happens. Yet we rarely truly realize it. It just happens. How many of us are like a leaf in a stream, drafting wherever the current takes us? Instead, of actually being a boat that is sailed with purpose through the waters?




forgotten, we're creators


Yes, most of us walk around feeling, dreaming, fearing, experiencing, observing, facing challenges, longing and not realizing that it’s us feeling, dreaming, fearing, experiencing, longing all of it. We are doing it. We are feeling. We are dreaming. We are afraid. We are experiencing. We are facing challenges. We are longing.


And yet, most of us do not connect those feelings, dreams, fears, experiences, challenges with ourselves. And therefore, most of us do not understand that they are ours. And therefore, most of us do not understand, we are the ones creating them. And therefore, most of us do not understand that they are our responsibility. And so, most of us are not aware that we shape our lives. And so, most of us, are not aware that we are the ones creating this human life experience of ours.


We've forgotten that we are Creators

that came forth into this Physical Environment to experience

contrast in order to explore and expand.






It is also a fact, that nowhere in our society it is taught how this Life as a human being actually works. What this is all about. Oh, there is mucho blabla. We are taught a ton of useless stuff, but not the real thing. Not even the absolute fundamentals. We are therefore double alone. We might have partners, lovers, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, therapists, pets. etc., being part of our journey as a human being. But those encounters represent only a fraction of the entirety of our time as a human being. The entirety of us being a human being is what we feel, dream, fear, experience, long. From the moment of our conception to the moment of our transition. THAT’S the entirety of us being a human being.

They are our emotions, so ours it is to understand them.

They are our dreams, so ours it is to live them.

They are our fears, so ours it is to listen to them.

They are our experiences, so ours it is to learn from them.

They are our challenges, so ours it is to face them.

They are our longings, so ours it is to follow them.






And, eventhough we might have an encounter or an exchange with others or even walk part of our path with someone, at the end, it’s still on us to decided what to do with what is given to us – be it an emotion, a dream, a longing, a fear, an encounter, a job, a relationship, an illness… THAT’s what this life is about. THAT’s what we long for.


That's why we embarked on our Inner Journey.

To come alive. To be alive. To be Life.






Our Power lies where our Life Energies are. And our Life Energies are our emotions, dreams, fears, experiences, challenges, longings – all that which is within. And so, embarking on our Inner Journey is embarking on the search of our Life Energies, to explore those lost Landscapes within ourselves, to find that lost Spark of Life within us.



With love





This Blog Post was last updated on Sunday, 04.02.2024.


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