I'm Veronica 🙋🏻‍♀️


An Human Being close to Life.

I've a deep passion for a sane, stable and

nourishing human life experience.


I'm also hungry to understand the Inner Structures and Mechanisms of us humans.

So I travel, explore and charter the Inner World

and in order to learn even more about the Inner World,

I use art to make the Inner Landscapes visible.


And because I'm so hungry to learn, to understand and to grow

I created E-SCHOOL - The Journey to your Inner Self,

my one of a kind and beautiful online school for self-exploration -

a beautiful place to explore, travel and research the Inner World

with the purpose to recover our most precious asset -

the Inner Self.


The Seed of Life within yourself.

The Spark of Life within yourself. 

Source Energy within yourself.


If you're on your own unique Journey to your Self,

you won't be able to avoid to look at mediation,

resp. actually implementing meditation into your everyday life.


So today I'm giving you 50 reasons why you should meditate.


Ah, and while reading the next chapter

you might want to listen to some mediation music 




50 reasons why you should meditate


  1. You want to feel calm and centered.
  2. You want to feel grounded.
  3. You want your thoughts to be clear.
  4. You want your system to be clear.
  5. You want to be efficient.
  6. You want your day to be a good one.
  7. You want a less hustle-bustle and more an effortless, juicy life experience.
  8. You want to reduce insomnia.
  9. You want to increase your sleep quality.
  10. You want more joy in your life.
  11. You want to smile more.
  12. You want an healthy body.
  13. You want an healthy mind.
  14. You want less wrinkles.
  15. You want to loose weight.
  16. You want to make better decisions.
  17. You want to change your life.
  18. You want to create.
  19. You want to grow.
  20. You want to heal.
  21. You want to keep your sanity.
  22. You want to be(come) an integer human being.
  23. You want to be(come) an authentic human being.
  24. You want to be in charge of your day.
  25. You want to be in charge of your own life.
  26. You want to be more self-aware.
  27. You want to ease your anxiety.
  28. You want to feel more confident.
  29. You want to be inspired.
  30. You want to have a regular connection to inspiration.
  31. You want to live an inspiring life.
  32. You want to connect with Source.
  33. You want to have a regular connection with Source.
  34. You want to deepen your spirituality.
  35. You want to live from within.
  36. You want live from a place of calmness, abundance and prosperity.
  37. You want to look beyond the veil.
  38. You want to go beyond of who you are today.
  39. You want feel nourished.
  40. You want to have a ton of energy at your disposable and yet be calm and centered.
  41. You want to understand what's going on within you.
  42. You want to understand what's going on around you.
  43. You want to manage your emotions.
  44. You want more fun in your life.
  45. You want more adventure in your life.
  46. You want to reduce stress in your life.
  47. You want to have great relationships.
  48. You want to have great sex.
  49. You want to have more money.
  50. You want to have more life in your life.




Basically, if you want a good life,





Because if you want more out of your current human life experience,

change is what you'll inviting into your life.


Yet change without a stable, sustainable and nourishing foundation,

ends in chaos. Disruption of your entire system does not bring you further.


Yet with a stable, sustainable and nourishing foundation - which meditation will help you to gain -

you'll be able to accomplish ANYTHING you've ever wanted.





Ah, if you want more of what you're just read,

go to my previous Blog Post 



It's your fucking human life experience.


You chose to enter this human life experience.

You entered all by yourself this human life experience.

And, you also will leave this human life experience all by yourself.


So this human life experience is all about YOU.


If you don't do what feels right to YOU,

at the end of your journey, you'll be on the other side and SEE it.


If you don't do what YOU've come to do,

it's gonna be YOU, who'll have to reenter into this physical realm and start all over again.


Again, and again, and again, and again - till you do what you've come to do.

So you might stop that shit and live right right now.




Have fun!



With love,




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