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Nourishing Self-Care · 26. February 2020
In today's Blog Post I am taking you with me on a beautiful journey, where we are diving into the world of blooming orchids. A world of beauty, elegance and joy. I love houseplants and I truly, truly love orchids. I've had orchids for the past 20 years and the joy they bring into my life is unmeasurable. Human life ain't easy. But focusing on the good stuff truly truly makes a different. And so let's dive into the gorgeous world of blooming orchids and let our soul fly to Heaven 🌺

Nourishing Self-Care · 21. January 2020
Taking care of ourselves on a deep and nourishing way is not a "nice-to-have". It's a must. If you want to flourish. If you want to grow. If you not only want to be who you really are, but also want to expand into who you long to be. Houseplants are a blessing. And orchids with their beauty and elegance a reminder that there is indeed still Heaven on Earth. So let's dive into the gorgeousness of orchids who have decided to bloom and let our Soul feel the longing for Heaven ✨

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