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Veronica's E-School - School of Emotions

the core structure

The Core Structure of E-School

  • E-School consists of three main elements and
    an one additional Training Course

  • Online School, Online Library, the Emergency Kit
    and the foundational course «Get Ready For Your Journey Within».

  • Online School:
    A new module is released every first Thursday of the month.

  • Online Library:
    Access to all former modules.

  • Emergency Kit:
    Access to 12 modules, 100 paintings and their translations as additional support.
  • Foundational Course
    «Get Ready For Your Journey Within»
    Developed and designed to help you to create a nourishing environment and everyday life.

  • One enrollment lasts 12 months.

  • All of the training is online, listed in the private E-School online member site.

  • Participation happens in the environment of your choice.

  • E-Schooler for life.
    All students have access to the emergency kit library with its stock of 24 modules and over 200 paintings for as long as the program exists.





Element #1
Online School

Learning is easy.
Learning is fun.
Learning is beautiful.
Learning is individual.


E-School is a constantly evolving and growing Online School - every month a new module is released, consisting of one  painted and translated edition which consists of at least 10 paintings with an in-depth translation of the different layers of colors.


The monthly training - as well as the material available in the online library and emergency kit - consists of easy-to-follow exercises, where you will work with the paintings and their translations, dive into the colors, layers and its landscapes.


Through the art you will be able to find a path within you - a gentle, beautiful and color-ful path. You will contemplate, sense, feel, write, paint, draw, dance, cook, bake, gardening, cleaning... the exercises and the paintings will encourage you to express whatever you feel in any creative form of expression that suits you.


Element #2
Online Library

The Online Library is available 24/7,
accessible from anywhere and on-going growing. The material is
 up-lifting and cutting-edge.


E-School's goal is to give you the best, the most grounded and the most individual support for your personal exploration of your Inner World.


From the moment you decide to explore your emotions, E-School is here to be a safe, supportive, clear and beautiful place, where you have access to the many, many, really many different paintings and their translation to consult and work with whenever you need and wish to. 


And therefore, in addition to the monthly new released modules, you will also get a beautiful library of all the former modules to give you as much support as possible on your very own journey within.








Element #3
Emergency Kit

Life time access to the Emergency Kit. The online material is exclusively selected to help you in your most intense and transforming moments.

At E-School we believe that every human being has its own unique way to learn, to grow, to expand - and growth happens constantly, independent of time, day or night, awake or at sleep.

And sometimes the deepest and most intense processes happen in loneliness.


And therefore, in addition to the online library with its former modules, you will also have access to modules which are selected for precisely for those borderline experiences. 


May you have all the support as possible for your very individual and personal journey within - and so, once enrolled, you also are an E-Schooler for life. For as long as the program exists all students will have life time access to the Emergency Kit,  which gets two times a year some awesome and exclusive bonuses. so that you really, really, really really have always THE material you need for your inner explorations.

Additional Training Course
included with your E-School Tuition
«Get Ready for Your Journey Within»

In addition to the three Core Elements, you will also get a Foundational Course, 
developed and designed to help you to create a nourishing environment and everyday life -
the foundation for your Journey within.



The quality of every journey depends how well you have prepared your travel. Itinerary, documents, booking/reservations for your accommodation, the right clothes, the right shoes, money, your toilet bad, medications, etc. - all is needed in order for a good, enjoyable and sustainable travel, right? I mean, you aren't traveling to China with only your panties as your travel baggage, right? Same goes for your journey within. And so, this course was created in order to give you a «packlist» for your journey within. As everyone travels differently and as everyone needs not the same, in this course you will find a variety of «travel items» we list as a recommendation: From creating a private, safe space in your home, where you can study, create and work with the E-School material to some daily and weekly habits, which will help you to feel grounded, nourished and ready to actually look within.


Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This program is life-changing. This program is intense, and however gentle, beautiful and fun - and tailored to your individual needs and your unique inner journey. 


The tuition for a 12 month enrollment at E-School plus the life-time access to the opulent Online Library - our unique «Emergency Kit» - is $2222 if you pay in full. An extended payment plan with a monthly payment option is offered when registering.


We are confident, that if you do the work, you will get huge benefits from this program. And we are happy to back that up with our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. Here is how it works.


1. Participate in up to three of the monthly released E-School Modules (the current module plus from the Online Library) from the moment you have access to the private E-School member site. If you then feel, E-School isn't right for you, send us within 30 days an email. 

2. Submit with your email your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go and submit what didn't work for you so that we can learn and improve. Once we received your completed coursework, you will get a swift and complete refund.


3. Do pay attention to the deadline. We pour soul, heart and every single drop of our beingness into this program and we want to devote every drop of our life energies only to students who share the same devotion and who really, really, really want to go within and explore their Inner World. So if you are not ready to start right away, make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline. We make the firm refund deadline extremely clear to everyone who signs up.


So, if you do the E-School work and don't get the value, submit your completed homework within the first 30 days of having access to the program, and get a full and complete refund. Voilà.





You'll also get chunks of knowledge, colorful inspiration
and artful wisdom to start now with the exploration of your Inner World.