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08. April 2021
At some point on your Journey to your Inner Self you may experience the urge of expressing yourself in a creative way. And for THOSE specific moments you’ll need tools. Tools that are great, useful, beautiful, affordable and effective. And oil pastels are all of that. And because I want you to be knowledgable, so that you can choose the best tools for your unique Personal Inner Journey, in today’s Blog Post you’ll learn how oil pastels came into this world 🎨

07. April 2021
For those moments where you might feel the urge to express yourself in a creative way, you’ll need tools. Tools that are fun. Tools that are beautiful. Tools that are affordable. And so in today’s Blog Post I present you my recommended shopping list for oil pastels. Oil pastels are a great way to let that which is within be expressed in a beautiful, easy and yet deep and sincere way. And so, let's shop oil pastels together. May you find the oil pastels that suits you best 👛

06. March 2021
I want you to have as much support as possible on your Journey to your Inner Self. Therefore in today’s Blog Post we're looking into creative self-expression. At some point or the other on your Inner Journey - you might feel the need to express yourself creatively. With art and creative mediums you're absolutely free to be creative AND explore AND research your Inner World whenever it feels right. And so in today’s Blog Post I present you one of my favorite creative mediums: Oil pastels 😍

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